Buy this book for all your nearest and dearest this Christmas It might just make a lifechanging difference Few of us are prepared to live without our emf producing gadgets and gizmos, but if you needed a reason to opt out, you will find plenty of good ones in this book Ann Louise Gittleman asks would you be prepared to put your head in a microwave? The answer is obviously 'no', but with so many young women carrying their mobiles in their wired bras these days, it seems we ARE prepared to have some other parts of our anatomy constantly fried All is not lost however, because Ms Gittleman gives us many dodges and diversions, including some tasty recipies and supplements to offset the effects of emfs There are also loads of resources and further information at the back, so you can make your own mind up All in all, a really useful book full of facts and figures presented in an easy to read style Ms Gittleman has clearly done her research. Very informative,easy to read and understand.I enjoy reading this type of book and keep to reread and reference purposes I highly recommend this book it has some great tips for protecting you and your families health to protect you against EMR.Great recipes, tips and advice for creating a healthier and safer haven within your home and changing tech bad habits like not using your mobile as an alarm We were doing just that!Practical advice we should all be taking on board in our tech driven society. Very well written As a health products provider who is also on a mission to inform people of health issues that may affect them, well written books such as this, are great source of research and can be quickly absorbed by their use of straightforward language and other important information which is uncluttered by jargon and technical mumbojumbo Excellent! A groundbreaking expos; of the hidden truths of electropollution, Zapped is the first comprehensive, stepbystep guide to counteracting the invisible hazards of everyday electromagnetic exposure Awardwinning author, nutritionist, and First for Women magazine columnist Ann Louise Gittleman combines the best of energy medicine with the latest scientific research in a userfriendly powerhouse designed to safeguard you and your family Following her New York Times bestselling books on weight loss The Fat Flush Plan; Fat Flush for Life and perimenopause Before the Change, Gittleman offers another vital, pioneering work of health science for the new century