Life is tough, but so are you Learn how to work through lifes trials with advice from popular youth speakers who have endured a few challenges of their own This encouraging book will help you see trials as essential stepping stones to becoming the person youre destined to be

7 thoughts on “You've Got This!: How to Look Up When Life Has You Down

  1. Jordan A. Jordan A. says:

    Life is tough, but so are you.That s the theme of this book, and when Elise Hahl asked me to write a review, I got excited I ve been going through some difficult times in my life and I knew I d learn a lot from reading it.So what did I think At first I was disappointed but bear with me, this isn t a negative review I was disappointed because I realized that my life was nothing like that of the authors there are 8 of them I thought to myself, I ve never gone through what they went through My trials weren t even remotely close to theirs How was this book supposed to help me with my own unique struggles I ve never moved to another country, I ve never played on a football team, my mother has never been to prison, I ve never had to deal with paralysis, I ve never been rejected by my family How could I relate to these stories And then I realized something.I ve never had to leave my home and travel 8 years in the wilderness while my brothers tried to kill me, and yet I still love and learn from the stories of Nephi I ve never been the only member of the church in my entire city, and yet I love and and learn from the story of Abish And when the story of Joseph in Egypt was told twice in this book, I realized that I don t have to have these same experiences as they did to learn from them So do you know what I did I read the book again Just sat down and read it all the way through This time I asked Heavenly Father to help me learn things from these experiences that would help me get through my own And that s exactly what he did.I recommend this book to everyone because there s something in it for everyone Though we may not have the same trials, we do all have trials, and these eight authors guide us through them in a fun and engaging way I had heard of some of the authors, such as Al Carraway and Hank Smith, but most of them were new to me It was fun to get to know them They are all people who decided to put God first, even when it was hard or maybe because it was hard I learned so much from them.If I were to sum up the message of this book it would be this trust God, do everything you can to succeed, and never, ever give up.

  2. KewlGlamma19 KewlGlamma19 says:

    Great for young people and adults alike.

  3. Lisa F- Bookworm Lisa Lisa F- Bookworm Lisa says:

    I love this book It is so positive and wonderful for anyone to read It is written for teens, but the message is perfect for all ages.

  4. Stephen E. Gardner Stephen E. Gardner says:

    Great inspirational stories that I really needed and enjoyed.

  5. Mother of 4 great kids Mother of 4 great kids says:

    Bought for my teen daughter Decided to start the reading Loved the first section will continue to read And pass back to my daughter 17 Gave 4 instead of 5 stars because haven t finished it but have really enjoyed thus far.

  6. Maezona Maezona says:

    This book says that it is for teens, but it is actually very beneficial for all ages The stories included are interesting and thought provoking By examining other people s challenges, this book helps to develop tools and a proper mindset to deal with our own problems.

  7. momof4 momof4 says:

    This was a very good book for those going through hard times Very uplifting and encouraging.