Few recently published books have made a greater impression on me than R T Kendalls Total Forgiveness, writes Robin Eames I have found so much in his words to challenge my own thinking and work His Bible centred approach is matched by the realism of how individuals have tried to face up to loss, distress and frustrationThis book, possibly R T Kendalls most important work to date, explains what God calls for as total forgiveness No sin or action is unforgivable, says R T and we are called to keep no record of wrongs, to refuse to punish those who have hurt us, to show mercy and to avoid any form of bitterness Total Forgiveness contains a radical message for a divided worldIf I could have only one of R Ts books, this would be my choice There is no important message for the church today Rob Parsons Total Forgiveness by RT.Kendall is now established as a Classic on the subject of Forgiveness Essential reading for anyone struggling with feelings of past guilt and shame, and a very important resource for those who provide counselling and pastoral support for those who feel trapped by feelings of regret and guilt The book covers the themes of Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves and Forgiving God.R T.Kendal has been accused by critics of theological heresy because of his suggestion that God needs to be forgiven However, R T.Kendall is addressing the strong FEELINGS that many people have including Bible characters who have asked the question Why amidst dreadful suffering , as they struggle with God s apparent injustice and tolerance of evil.His conclusion is Biblical, sound, and very helpful He demonstrates clearly from the Old Testament book of Habbakuk and the life of Joseph and Job , that these are commentaries that explain and verify the claim of the Apostle Paul in Romans 8v28, that God works all things together for good, to them that love God, who are the called according to His purpose. R.T.Kendall goes through the process of total forgiveness extremely well and explains each step in detail with many references to the Bible which confirm and strengthen the argument R.T.Kendall makes for total forgiveness Many times the author might sound like he is repeating himself but this is necessary as he leads you through yet another aspect of forgiveness.Reading this book will lead to greater peace within yourself and a greater connection with the Holy Spirit within us It is all here explained relatively easily although some parts might be difficult and uncomfortable for some to achieve but in the end total forgiveness is well worth it. There is no doubt the author writes from personal experience, which is essential for such a topic.Total forgiveness is painful It hurts when we kiss revenge goodbye It hurts to think of that person getting away with what they did and nobody knowing.How do I know if I ve forgiven totally When there is no desire to get even or punish, when I do or say nothing that would hurt their reputation or future, and when I truly wish them well And I must keep this up for as long as I live.The Bible urges reconciliation, but sometimes it s just not possible.The author adds a realistic and helpful comment, Reconciliation is not always essential to total forgiveness.There s a lot of truth in these pages and it helps that it s written with compassion by a fellow sufferer It s not difficult to recommend this work so why only 3 stars Unfortunately, there is a bit of repetition and I ve found the same thoughts and insights in another of the author s books, God meant it for good, is an outstanding study by Kendall on the life of Joseph, but some of those same themes transfer to Total Forgiveness.