The phenomenally successful Principles of Anatomy and Physiology continues to set the discipline standard with the th edition Designed for thesemester anatomy and physiology course, Principles of Anatomy and Physiology combines exceptional content and outstanding visuals for a rich and comprehensive classroom experience Enhanced for a digital delivery, the th edition, gives students the ability to learn and explore anatomy and physiology both inside and outside of the classroom Packaged as a set, comprising the textbook and a single colour study guide The study guide is designed to reinforce the learning from the textbook and includes Chapter reviews Features such as Clinical Connections, disorders and medical terminology Self quiz questions with solutions

14 thoughts on “Tortora's Principles of Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Kit Kit says:

    This is an initial review because it may take me a long time to finish reading the book and leave a full review.Firstly this is the follow up to the very popular 14th edition Principles of Anatomy and PhysiologyI have been through the first 85 pages of both books 14th edition and this 15th edition to compare them page by page All content is identical, apart from 15th edition having one additional short paragraph about aging which mentions further coverage later in the book and one new diagram on DNA molecular formula very similar to an existing diagram so it doesn t add anything useful Aging is a very important topic, so perhaps there is solid information on this topic compared to the previous edition, but I don t know at this stage Questions appear in 14th edition with answers at the end of each chapter These have been removed from 15th edition In 14th edition there are clinical significance boxes that relate theory to practical human problems and are quite insightful In 15th edition all this content is removed and put behind an electronic paywall for only university courses that have subscribed to their special academic program So completely off limits for other people.Total pages for 14th edition before appendixes 1127Total pages for 15th edition before appendixes 989So 15th edition is significantly shorter Possibly the 140 missing pages are all the clinical significance information and all the questions and answers Certainly there can t be much new content added given the reduction in pages.So far the 14th version would be the better of the two books due to having clinical significance and also Q A for those that like to test themselves but then again initial chapters are broad overviews so perhaps there might be latest findings later in the book I will update when I have further information and will be keeping 14th edition open as I go through 15th since I like the clinical significance boxes.I m keeping to a 5 rating although the publisher is a mess confusing versions, missing information, ignored my email asking whether this was actually follow up to 14th edition EMEA version , the authors are great and I don t think there is a better text book out there.I would also like to suggest to accompany your study Crash Course Anatomy Physiology on Youtube Watch through before reading the book to give you some better footing Lecturio This is a website with hundreds of high quality university medical lecture videos a really fantastic resource Lectures are quite complex and dive into the full details including cutting edge findings.Update Now been through the first 120 pages and both are still identical But I want to correct about missing clinical significance and Q A they are actually in a separate study guide book which comes with 15th edition So it is not behind an electronic paywall as I mistakenly assumed before.

  2. MBkot MBkot says:

    I am a first year medical student in the UK.This was the most highly recommend textbook by my uni I can see why.It is organised by systems not by regions which is the approach that my medical school uses for teaching anatomy and physiology The depth is good at least for first year and the explanations are clear The wide range of topics covered is especially impressive.I believe that this is a great book for learning anatomy in systems when used alongside an atlas of anatomy such as Netter s.The physiology in the book has so far been ideal Slightly in depth than what we get taught in lectures.It covers the nervous system which neither Moore s nor Gray s cover.

  3. Tara Thompson Tara Thompson says:

    I was recommended specific books for my uni course but they were very expensive Tortora was the ones I was recommended but not this book Did a bit of looking around and found this one for a great price brand new It includes absolutely everything the other books include at a better price and brand new Even includes another book with questions in for revision Very fast delivery as well, way before the expected due date.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Such a great A P book Lots of fantastic detail, but always a clear overview of each section, so you can dip in and read through as much or as little detail as you want Lots of superb diagrams, and easy to read Used it throughout my Science Access to Higher Education course, and bought my own copy for my degree Fully recommend.

  5. Solly Solly says:

    One of the best books I have read in a while, I love the way the author is explaining stuff even tricky topic which can be tricky This book would do wonders for medical student or nursing Highly recommend it

  6. anne beeby anne beeby says:

    Fast delivery great book a must have for trainee nurse

  7. Dominika Dominika says:

    Everything is phrased really well in a way that is easy to understand and really helps to enhance my revision sessions.

  8. Melesha D. Melesha D. says:

    This is a good book for student nurses and student medic Gives detailed descriptions.

  9. Prithwish Paul Prithwish Paul says:

    Excellent book Content is very helpful for build up concept Language is very lucid and figures are very much attractive and easy to understand Also get a study guide.

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Gift for a college student Very detailed information Well printed book.

  11. sarah sarah says:

    Not what I wanted and it gave me the kindle addiction I wanted the book Now I can t get my money back

  12. Wofman Wofman says:

    A great book and the tools for extra learning such as flash cards is great.

  13. VikaD VikaD says:

    ACTUAL version, not global, 15 is made in 2016, so be cautious Also on the back it says not allowed in countries other than listed, US not listed Not sure if it matters but seller did not provide that info on the details Returned as this is super outdated and not allowed in US What a hassle, I know cheap doesn t mean good.

  14. h h says:

    Excellent condition and came pretty quickly This global edition of the book isn t different from the regular edition Not that I saw anyways But it still has the same chapters that you ll be learning in class and this book is very detailed.