Looks a great book but a bit too technical for the lay person Returned immediately. I have passed this book to many patients who find it both extremely helpful while easy to read. I HAVE BOUGHT A TON OF BOOKS ON YOGA,EXERCISE AND HEALING,AND THIS IS A WINNER.iNFORMATIVE,BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED AND CLEAR TO UNDERSTAND IT OPENS YOUR EYES TO THINGS NEVER CONSIDERED. Absolutely brilliant book John was my Sports Therapy tutor back in 2000, I ve since trained as a Chiropractor and I still learned a lot from this book, especially on the gait cycle I ve since done a few of his recent courses and they along with his books are top notch I highly recommend them John Gibbons looks at one of the most neglected areas of the body the gluteal muscles The Vital Glutes takes you on a fascinating journey of enlightenment, teaching the reader to recognise pain and dysfunctional patterns that arise from the gluteal muscles Questions answered in the book include Why are the glutes potentially causing pain and dysfunction to distant sites of the body How does the gait pattern contribute to pain and dysfunction And, how can the application of gluteal specific Muscle Energy Techniques aid full body wellbeing This book also offers the reader step by step tasks to identify and correct a number of dysfunctional patterns, and functional gluteal exercises in order to aid recovery