Oh man! This was a let down I had hoped for a real fast paced scary read that would make me leave the bedroom light on allnight Nope Not this one :( This book’s frightening cover drove me to pick it up, and I quickly recognized this story from one featured on the Discovery Channel’s A Haunting program While this wasn’t the most frightening story featured on that show (that dubious honor goes to the episode with that little boy and his imaginary “friend” named Man), it was a memorable one, so I decided to get the “behindthescenes” scoop by reading LaChance’s memoir Told from his perspective (but with the help of an English teacher), this basically relayed the same story as the hour long television show (and takes about the same amount of time to read it) In place of the overthetop reenactments, the language used added a very melodramatic flavor.There were some glaring inaccuracies (one phrase particularly stood out that begins with: “I failed to notice that the lights had turned on” unsure how you can tell a story that contains elements that you didn’t even know about) that broke the realistic, truelife confessional style and replaced with downright silliness.But it wasentertaining than I thought it would be and certainly fastpaced But as the book shifted away from the haunted activity and into thespiritual side, it became increasingly vague It really required a huge suspense of disbelief The inclusion of some thinly veiled personal digs made me laugh though but it also made me evencurious about hearing a fuller, andcomplete version The cartoonish villainly of the landlord really needed to be investigated , I thought and the abrupt ending summary did not provide many answers, which left it feeling rather incomplete. two stars because the first time I read this I was so freaked out that I didn't want to go outside even though I had to bring my dog inside the my danged mother turned the porch light off on me trying to explain that the dark is nothing to be afraid of.fuck that I am not repeat, NOT afraid of the dark I'm afraid of what can be hiding in the dark totally different like people aren't afraid of heights they're scared of falling.Anyway, yeah the first go round was scary I was so young and naive then the second I wanted to throw the book at the wall but I want to finish my reading challenge so I struggled my way through it :( waste of my valuable time.the writing is choppy and badly edited our narrator repeats himself a lot and it drove me nuts and it was always nothing could have prepared us for what would happen next Just written in different forms god, it was like reading a 6th grader's English papers And the main man character steven is so damned full of himself this house is full of fucking demons he leaves good for him then he goes back the god damned stupid bastard keeps going back because he's under some impression that he needs to help this Helen chick.No just no he's a fucking idiot with an insane delusion that he needs to help everybody that he's the ONLY one that really understands what Helen is going through that he's so heroic and brave for continually returning to the house and of course we're told at least a couple of times that the freaking demonic spirits still have hold of him and are drawing him back to the union house so which is it, buddy? ghosts making you do shit you don't wanna, or a mad need to help a random lady stupid enough to answer and ad that's to good to be true?And all this supposedly happened over a few year period were this supposedly wonderfully loving, loyal daddy was supposed to be raising his three kids all by his lonesome all I picked up was that this guy neglected his babies to play hero to some random ass crazy lady who refused to move until the demons drove her into a fucking mental institution Again, just no you just can't take this man seriously he came across as a complete attention whore I can't take a guy willing to ignore selfpreservation and parental insticts seriously just can't I wanted to jump in the book and slap him and on top of it all he has no fucking clue how to characterize anyone everyone is either wonderful and loving and perfect like his friends and family or evil like mr winters or to stupid to understand hauntings, people who think its all a joke like all the investigators I don't believe for a second that all those people behaved so childishly.this book was a joke!p.s sorry for the swearing it couldn't be helped I'm that pissed (See?) :( Have you ever lived in a haunted house? A house that it was not the spirits of those who had passed there, but something else that was never human? Steven LaChance has.I first heard Steven LaChance's story on a episode of A Haunting The episode is called Fear House, and is actually one of my favorite episodes from the show.Steven LaChance and his children moved into what seemed like the perfect home But it turned into a nightmare.Whatever is in the Union house is not friendly; it wants to harm Steven LaChance and his children learned that That's why they moved.But, when Steven was contacted by the friend of a woman who moved in that same house with her family, Steven knew he had to help her.Both Steven LaChance and Helen lived through a nightmare, one that took years to recover from And I know Steven has shared his story on A Haunting His story, the very short version of it, was in the book Weird Hauntings, which I have recently read.But if you have seen his story on A Haunting, or read it online, or in another book, those barely scrape the surface on everything that happened This book has all the details, and there is a lot that happened A lot that couldn't be covered in a one hour TV show.I only found out last year that Steven LaChance had even written a book I just had to read it, but no libraries near me had it When I had the money to buy it, I did And I am glad that I did.Some people might not believe Steven LaChance; they may think he is lying But, I believe what happened to him I've had paranormal experiences since I was a kid, I became a paranormal investigator and my mom grew up in a house haunted by a negative spirit These type of hauntings, the kind Steven experienced, are definitely real And they are terrifying as well as traumatizing I'm sure the book was hard for Steven LaChance to write I'm sure it was hard to write all the horrible things that happened to him But I thought it was a great book Steven LaChance has an easy writing style I was hooked from the first few pages and I just couldn't put the book down.I'm glad Steven LaChance has shared his story and that he continues to help people who are going through experiences similar to his own Not every paranormal investigates negative hauntings It can be dangerous and I understand why there are many who choose not to investigate such hauntings But I am glad there are people like Steven LaChance, John Zaffis and others who will help those that need it.This is a great book and I really want to read Steven LaChance's next book. This book isn't really about a haunted house It's really about what an amazing guy/ hero/ martyr, LaChance is It starts off kind creepily enough, and then LaChance moves out of the haunted house The rest of the book is actually about incidents that happen to the woman who then moves into the house As LaChance will tell you, those events were EXTREMELY HARD on him, Steven LaChance At one point, he describes some absolutely crazy ghost photos that were supposedly taken at the house, but they aren't shown in the book I guess we're all supposed to take his word? Also, demons will take your job and can be blamed for pretty much everything bad that's ever happened But don't worry, he's the hero in the end and he saves everybody! Yay! I really enjoyed this book, despite it giving me the major creeps I've had some paranormal experiences myself and when reading about what Steven's family went through, it was easy to imagine myself in their place It was cool reading a first hand account of something that happened locally that I'd been hearing tales of for quite some time In the book, Steve and Helen also visit the Lemp mansion in St Louis, a place I've always found fascinating It also made me wonder if perhaps I had met Helen or her daughter before because they ended up living in the tiny town of Gerald where I grew up In that town, everybody knows everybody, so its very possible.I won't really get in to the plot, as it is a pretty standard story of a haunting and demonic posession I was surprised by some of these reviews that claimed The Uninvited wasn't remotely scary, but I guess if one was reading it as a purely fictional work, maybe it would seem that way When I was reading this, I was reading it as a true account of real events, and that made it terrifying I can't wait to pass this book on to my mom and sisters, who also have an interest in the paranormal and the Union screaming house! This book wasn't horrible or anything, but I didn't really like it It's definitely not anything no one has ever read before in books like The Amityville Horror, and the demonic possession stuff just came across as really lame and nothing to make a whole book about On the plus side, the historical facts were very interesting. What kind of evil lives at the Union Screaming House?In this true and terrifying firsthand account, Steven LaChance reveals how he and his three children were driven from their Union, Missouri, home by demonic attackers LaChance chronicles how the house's relentless supernatural predators infest those around them He consults paranormal investigators, psychics, and priests, but the demonic attacksscreams, growls, putrid odors, invisible shoves, bites, and other physical violationsonly grow worse The entities clearly demonstrate their wrath and power: killing family pets, sexually assaulting individuals, even causing two people to be institutionalizedThe demons' next target is the current homeowner, Helen When the entities take possession and urge Helen toward murder and madness, LaChance must engage in a hairraising battle for her soulSelected as one of the Best Books ofby the St Louis PostDispatch The story itself was interesting, as I love a good haunt However, the writing was awful At the end of each chapter, the author would say something along the lines I didn't know what I was in for next, or the nightmare was just beginning, or I had to hurry and save her or I was going to lose her It was redundantly redundant! And at one point, when the woman is overcome by the house and goes to try and kill her husband, then calls to tell the author all about it his response sit tight, I will come and get you tomorrow afternoon! What? All the other times he would run straight to her house when the house would act up, but here she is acting on the influences of the house and actually attacked her husband with a knife and he's like lahdidah, oh, I'll be there for you tomorrow when things areconvenient That part I just didn't understand.The whole idea of this book is creepy, and Lachance's website has removed a lot of the EVPs they caught because of the effect it had on the listeners I don't get scared by books, but since I believe this to be a true story, unlike Stephen King and Dean Koontz books, this is one of those rare instances where I had a hard time sleeping after I finished the story I've read a few books on this subject now Many have a tremendous amount of typos, terrible grammar, and argue in favor of highly improbable events using insane logic They were all better than this book, because at least those authors were true believers From the first page this book reeks of hyperbole and outright fabrication Every person is a saint or a sinner, a paperthin characterization of a real person Either they are the author's salvation or damnation, he sees everyone (usually) as an enemy or (occasionally) as the best person in the world Whether it's his racist boss, hillbilly neighbors, or overtly evil landlord, every person depicted in this book is a poorly conceived work of fiction As for the haunting? It's got everything you could want Creepy clowns, dead babies, feral children, demon rape Photographic proof of otherworldly crucifixions in the basement (that the author fails to print in his book even though they would prove his story) It's all bullshit Seems silly to say, but other haunting stories may be untrue but the storytellers seem to believe it Steven LaChance comes across as a manipulative liar and a horrible writer.