Lovely book I bought it for a six year old that is obsessed with all things natural The book is gorgeous It ahead of her reading level of course but she loves it and I can read to her. This is a very good book for all ages Not so technical that young readers cannot both learn from it and enjoy it Great illustration A decidedly gorgeous and thematically appropriate book to accompany the Story of Life as told in Montessori classrooms However, I was disappointed to receive my copy and find that it is significantly smaller than Historium, Animalium and Maps I had been waiting for this book to be released in the US it s been available in the UK for some time , so it s somewhat deflating to have it not match the UK version Which also has a fold out timeline. This New Extended Edition Of Story Of Life Is The Perfect Gift For Those With A Love Of The Natural World Wander The Galleries Open Days A Year And Discover A Collection Of Curated Exhibits On Every Page, Accompanied By Informative Text Each Chapter Features Key Species From A Different Geological Era With Fantastic New Artwork From Katie Scott