This exceptional series of talks will both teach you how to meditate although a guided course with a coach will be a useful complement and give you a very knowledgeable intellectual background to why and how meditation works from a Buddhist perspective I have been practicing TM for 19 years, and I learned a lot of how and why any correctly practiced method Vedic or Buddhist changes how you relate to the world around you, to others and to yourself Really worth the modest price charged for these 14 deep, well spoken lessons. Demystify mysticism and learn techniques to move yourself beyond emotional and intellectual blocks into a realm of clear insight and inner peace In this complete curriculum for self investigation Shinzen Young one of America s foremost meditation teachers covers traditional teachings, scientific insights, and practical instruction to show you exactly how enlightenment works, and how to begin your own journey to inner liberation Topics include concentration, awareness, and merging techniques to explore the self and the world around you, how spiritual practices work in Buddhism, Christianity, Jewish mysticism, Sufism, Hinduism, shamanism, and many other mystical traditions, as well ascomplete guided meditation sessions and a host of insights on how to choose and establish your own meditation practice I enjoyed this to a point, it has a lot of very good information but each track is about 70mins so a lot to listen through He sounds awesome though. Doesn t cure ignorance. Shinzen offers here a logical and rational presentation of what the path of self observation is really about with very powerful guided meditations His scientific approach really demystifies a subject that is still not well understood in the west, but is now presented as what really is, the major contribution to the world by the east and really a science of the enlightenment If you want a scientific rational approach to meditation and the contemplative traditions with special emphasis on Buddhism this is the audio book for you. This is the most profound influence on my spiritual awakening Shinzen Young combines knowledge of virtually every known religion with its esoteric practices which apart from nomenclature are the same Wonderful teachings combined with really useful meditations capable of taking a serious student all the way to enlightenment The best way anyone can spend their money IMHO. Incre ble vale la pena para conocer m s sobreMeditaci n y como puede ayudarte en tu vida diaria tambi n conoces sobre la historia del budismo y amplia t concepci n de la realidad This is a fascinating set of talks by Shinzen Young on his attempt to codifiy enlightenment experiences from the world s religions Lots to think about It includes some guided meditations It is NOT an audio version of his later book of the same name It s an independent series of talks recorded years earlier. I just finished listening to Shinzen Young s The Science of Enlightenment audio CDs I ripped all 14 CDs into MP3s, synced them to my iPhone and listened at home, on the road, at the gym, and even at work I have high expectations, and I was not disappointed.Aside from being a Buddhist monk, scholar, meditation teacher, mathematician, and science geek, Shinzen is also a linguist, so he s very particular and precise with his use of words, pronunciation, and diction especially with foreign languages He likes to define and clarify any ambiguity in the terms he uses in his discourses He doesn t go into too much philosophical conjecture and speaks in a friendly matter of factness tone.The bottom line Shinzen Young demystified the concept classical enlightenment, making happiness independent of conditions a realistic and tangible goal for people who choose to tread the path of liberation.Thanks to Shinzen Young I now realize that my kind of practice is Vipassana, my proclivity is towards Theravada, and that, when I grow up, I want to become a hard nosed rationalist Buddha C First meditation recording or book for that matter that actually explains what it is and why and how 10 thumbs up