I bought this for my friend for her birthday, who was really interested in studying medicine and becoming a paediatrician, she found this extremely useful The information was set out clearly and efficiently, and all was easy to interpret and can be used for all who are interested in Child Health An absolute recommendation This A Z guide hasentries, a glossary ofmedical terms, and a major section of medical references on child health matters It provides parents and others with guidance on what to do in every medical contingency Coverage extends from the newborn to the adolescent Not just a book about sick children, this book gives comprehensive coverage of all the problems physical, psychological, behavioural and sexual with which parents may find themselves faced in relation to their children Much emphasis is given to the problems of bringing up children It covers such unusual matters as AIDS, anorexia, drug abuse, family therapy and jealousy Robert Youngson is the author of The Royal Society of Medicine Encyclopedia of Family Health and The Royal Society of Medicine Encyclopedia of Symptoms