THE DYNASTY REALMS IXSEA OF LIGHTNING The th Chapter continues in the Dynasty Realms Epic Sagas and that of the Twilight Rose of Infinite Worlds Series, involving the Darkness From Within Series II, from Dark Fantasy, Sci Fi and RPG author, Adrian Jevon Murphy, who tells the Viking tale of Sea Of Lightning concerning Sigmond, the Warrior Monk in this powerful, enriched epic adventure A long, lost scroll have been discovered in Valhalla, by Loki, searching about in Asgard, while Odin and Thor ventured to the Realm of Edna Ever, after being invaded by a mighty, monstrous beast known to many as the Rozen Beast For when the Rozen Beast arrived in Valhalla, Asgard, he destroyed everything there and purposely left, mysteriously, as he came Filled with revenge and anger both Thor and Odin pursue the creature while ordering Loki to search Valhalla for something concerning the creature s first arrival in their world Thus, causing Odin and Thor to travel to the Realm of Edna Ever by the rainbow bridge, just to learn about the mysterious creature while Loki, who usually travels with them, remains behind, searching the entire contents of the Tree of Life called the Ash Yggdrasil Once Loki discovers the lost scroll, which was concealed by the Ash Yggdrasil s branches, he discovers an ancient secret, which links him and several others to an ancient clan called the Al Talus Clans from the Realm of Serenity, Gray Sphere Upon discovering this, the Scroll pushes him away in Astro form meaning, ghostlike appearance , where it uses a polymorphic form of Loki and reveal shocking details concerning Odin s true agenda while strangely summoning a small little boy, named Prince Sigmond Hakman Once the small boy was there, he began telling the story of his beginnings, while Loki says in his mind, Just, how this story is linked to me, especially this little boy named Prince Sigmond Hakman This Work of Fiction is Created By the Author, Adrian Jevon Murphy c All Rights, Reserved by the United States Copyrights Laws of Americaajmurphysdynastynovelstaprintd