God is in pursuit of you The Pursuit of God is the enduring Christian classic by renowned pastor and theologian A W Tozer More thanyears later, the words Tozer penned on a train from Illinois to Texas echo across the decades to resonate with power in the heart of anyone longing for a deeper experience with God This devotional masterpiece is at once thought provoking and spirit enlivening, an invitation to think deeply about your faith even as you come alive to God s presence surrounding, sustaining and pursuing you This book is a modest attempt, Tozer wrote, to aid God s hungry children so to find Him If you are hungry, The Pursuit of God will lead you to the only One who can satisfy the soul A powerful book and a necessary read for anyone wanting to go deeper in their spiritual faith Towzer challenges and inspires us to be hungry and find our true satisfaction in the Lord When there is so much Christian literature that is bland and watered down, this was a real pleasure to read Tozer s work is firmly based on Scripture, and he tells it like it is It s clear that this writer s personal priority is faithfully to teach the good news of Jesus to those who have never understood it, and to lead to real spiritually those Christians whose churches are teaching only the basics of what discipleship to the living Jesus Christ really means.If you are seeking to deepen your walk with God, then I suggest that this book is for you and I should also warn that it s not for the faint hearted, or for those who want a spiritual diet consisting exclusively of fluffy, comforting words Zealous, devoted and truthful he definitely is Tactful he ain t This is a book every regenerated Christian should read to enter into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ The fundamental principle is simple God seeks out the believers to lead them to His beloved Son, Christ Jesus When a believer touches our Lord Jesus Christ, he starts loving Him and he joins the true believers to pursue Him together Draw me we will run after You Songs of Songs 1 4 Tozer really does make you look at yourself question how you can live a Christ like existence His understanding of how being a Christian can be the hardest yet most rewarding life how best approach it really does speak to you I recommend this book wholeheartedly.