An easy way to keep track of your medical records for years to comeThe Patients Medical Journal is a medical diary for patients and their families It is designed to help patients remember and organize medical information about their and their familys past and present health The information, once recorded, will come in handy when filling out medical forms for doctors and hospitalsThe book is divided into sections to record all pertinent information, such as A personal medical directory for information about health providers and insurance companiesPast surgeriesMajor illnessesAllergiesVaccinationsCurrent medicationsLab testsAnd family medical historyOnce youve recorded your past, theres a new section where you can record information for your upcoming medical visits, the purposes for the visits, and the treatment plan youve outlined with your health care professional In no time at all, you can compile a compact diary of your medical history for convenient use in the future

12 thoughts on “The Patient's Medical Journal: Record Your Personal Medical History, Your Family Medical History, Your Medical Visits & Treatment Plans

  1. Marja E. Marja E. says:

    There are extensive sections to keep track of doctors, known health issues, test results, and especially office visits, but there isn t one page to keep track of day to day symptoms.I bought this to track my day to day symptoms, to see what might worsen or relieve my symptoms I can t use this for that Maybe this will help clear up whether this book will fit your needs.

  2. P. J. Maczonis P. J. Maczonis says:

    I purchased this for my brother who has some chronic medical issues He tells me it has been very helpful for him to organize all his medical care.

  3. Genny Genny says:

    Needing something to keep in touch with my parents they didn t like them but if someone needs to know what is going on with an elderly as far as meds and appts it s nice to have for family members

  4. Laurie B. Laurie B. says:

    Finally somewhere to organize and document my health history

  5. Lisa Harvey Lisa Harvey says:

    Loved these There will be great for records as I am forgetful as I age Places for everything needed

  6. jewel chaney jewel chaney says:

    it is great keep everything together with it

  7. Sandra F Cofield Sandra F Cofield says:

    Great book for keeping Medical records

  8. Pat Pat says:

    Didn t think it was so daily focused Was looking for history.

  9. Mekami7 Mekami7 says:

    Great for your information.

  10. Debra Debra says:

    Love them I ordered 2 one for me and one for my husband They will be great for my children to know the medical history of our families.

  11. gillosu gillosu says:

    I love this book because it got me finally to sit down and record everything I ve done medically, from booster shots to mammograms, with dates My husband looked at my entries and thanked me, and said he d like a copy of the journal for himself I put it to the real test yesterday when I came home from a visit with an orthopedic surgeon His counsel to me was, Call me when you re in pain For now, don t worry Those words went in, and I closed the cover If there s any quibble, it s that there s no place to record your blood type though there are plenty of places to note it I look forward to using this journal again and again.

  12. Jenifer Jenifer says:

    good for keeping records of my medical stuff