Bernard and Maya are about to have a baby, but Snooky isconcerned with Maya s friend, artist Weezie, who is being persecuted by an unknown enemy Snooky finds himself falling in love with Weezie, and suspecting the members of her art class But Bernard once he can transfer his focus from the baby can put together the pieces. While Maya suffers through morning sickness and Bernard paints the nursery a chocolate brown, Snooky becomes involved in a romance and mischief You re pregnant, aren t you Maya Woodruff s peripatetic brother Snooky, calling collect from the French Antilles, makes this psychic diagnosis and instantly flies to Connecticut to offer a stuffed platypus, good cheer and gourmet cooking for the last seven months of his sister s ordeal Her devoted, grumpy bear of a husband, Bernard, suffering his own labor pains from trying to deliver his latest children s book, is torn between his habitual hatred of all guests and his happy deliverance from the kitchen His coq au beer was not well received The misery of Maya s pregnancy, which makes the gestation ofRosemary s Baby look like a piece of cake, is compounded when her old friend Weezy becomes the target of an anonymous hate campaign by phone and mail But Snooky takes charge with his usual endearing insouciance not neglecting to fall madly in love along the way It s great fun to have Bernard and Snooky, seen before in Friends Till the End, enlivening the sleuthing scene this one without a homicide again Listed as a mystery, but not at all intense.