With a foreword from Angela Rippon CBE, Ambassador for the Alzheimer s Society Slow and delay the symptoms of Alzheimer s disease and other forms of dementia, from memory loss to disorientation, with this practical activity book Using step by step ideas designed to stimulate and entertain, dementia care specialist Helen Lambert explains how engaging in a variety of simple activities can benefit different parts of the brain, and help to keep your mind fitter for longer What s , everyone can join in each activity contains hints and tips that not only show you how to do it, but also include ways to adapt the various physical exercises, games, and craft projects for different abilities, or to include family and friends Whether your interests are in music, art, gaming, or gardening, The Memory Activity Book has activities to suit, as well as ideas to inspire anyone looking for guidance on how best to interact with people affected by memory issues, Alzheimer s, or other forms of dementia Whatever your involvement friend, relative, partner, or patient The Memory Activity Book offers a valuable resource for everyone living with dementia

10 thoughts on “The Memory Activity Book: Practical Projects to Help with Memory Loss and Dementia

  1. A. McDermott A. McDermott says:

    This book provides such a wide range of activity suggestions I particularly like the How To Do It sections which encourage action by simplifying the items into stages The At a Glance panel enables you to choose an activity by level of physicality, time, complexity, etc An explanation of the benefits is also given for each item Easy to read and follow, with plenty of photos and illustrations A very interesting and useful book.

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    This book oozes with the dignity that people with dementia should feel in themselves and others treatment The layout is first class very clear, and the weight of the paper and design feels quality All the text is directed towards the person who has dementia and full of interesting ideas wouldmakea good present I bought it as I am looking for ideas for a surgery Memory group yes we will be making the birders and I will try to see if they prefer a red tablecloth instead our current on.Some of the ideas we have already,bu this book improves onthem.For the carer or volunteer ,like,there are 2 messages people dementia can do much than we thin, and we should show pride in watch they achieve.A diagnosis of dementia does not stop creativity or imagination which can be nurtured.Whatever else you buy,dobuy this one Dorling Kindersly books are always good value for money, and the fact that Angela Rippon endorsed it means it was one they took pride in publishing it.

  3. Linda Linda says:

    I found this book full of useful activities, that will support, people living with memory loss and dementia The activities have clear instructions and contains informative details on why and how they help The activities are split into sections out and about, revisiting the past, music and dance, puzzles and games, and arts and crafts The at a glance panel is very useful as it categorises the activities by the level of physicality, time, complexity etc.This is a very useful book and in my opinion, anybody caring for a person with memory loss or dementia would benefit from this activity book.

  4. karen karen says:

    Amazing book I am a mental health nurse who works with people effected by dementia This book is the most useful I have ever read I love it.

  5. .... .... says:

    Lovely book, great ideas for activities creating a positive environment for those living with Dementia Large colourful photos, only issue is that it isn t spiral bound, it has a bound spine like a regular book.

  6. Roseary Marsh Roseary Marsh says:

    An interesting book for anyone with without a dementia sufferer in the family forward by Angela Rippon very moving

  7. SallyO SallyO says:

    If you know someone with dementia then please buy this book it really has the potential to change lives.

  8. Donna Donna says:

    Brought for mother in law and loves it Had quick look through and it does look good

  9. QofE QofE says:

    I thought it would have actual activities in the book word games, puzzles, etc but otherwise it does offer some great ideas if I had seen it in the store first, I most likely would not have purchased it.

  10. CK CK says:

    A wonderful book It gives the user so much to do and think. 2 things a memory loss person can use to keep their mind alert I am so glad it was recommended for my husband Thanks to all the people involved in the writing, producing and marketing of this great tool.