A creative and productive organizational system to combine your sketchbook, planner, to do lists and journals all in one little book Start by filling out the The Little Bullet Book s planners with monthly and weekly goals, select simple codes to mark important and long term tasks and keep track of them all with your own wonderfully simple contents pageTake care of everyday reminders, exercise aspirations and appointments while also tracking future hopes and dreams with this peaceful planner This book has a perfect balance between monthly and future logs and space to break out your own creative lists with inspirational tips and tricks throughout to build and maintain a lifestyle you loveBeautifully designed by David Sinden, the bestselling author ofThe Little Book of Calm Colouring A beautiful little book which helps you organise your life, whilst giving you creative freedom at the same time Each page can be personalised to your choice which I love A definite must have I saw a review of this journal and thought it would make a great gift Fab book with loads of sections to make notes to call it just an organiser would be an insult, it s so much than that lovely book. An amazing little book, perfect for anyone wanting to start a bullet journal It has pages set out with ideas but you are able to adapt them to make them your own I love this book Love this book, so many bits to do and lots to fill in did not think this book was so good I expected a blank paged book Every page is different all you have to do is fill them in I may buy a few so I have them for years to come. Thoroughly enjoying being gorgeously organised What a treasure Highly recommend it Love it Good quality I chose this particular Bullet Journal because I ve never used one before, and found the prospect of starting a blank journal and creating a structure myself too overwhelming It s divided into months, you can start it any month of the year, and it covers 9 different areas of your life including financial, career, home, interests, exercise, diet, relationships, confidence and spirituality I ve renamed a couple of the categories to make it personal to me, but otherwise I m finding the pre structured pages and sections incredibly useful There are also a lot of black and white line drawings that are perfect for colouring if that s your thing it s definitely mine so I think by the time I ve decorated it and filled a few things in I will have a better understanding of what I m doing I m keeping it purely for personal stuff, not work stuff or mum stuff, as that s an area of my life that goes largely neglected I m hoping that using this journal will help to keep me on target with a few personal projects, as well as teaching me how to journal and show me how much I ve achieved by the end of the year, which is all too easy to overlook. Great book and great price