True self esteem is a gift that only we can give to ourselves and only we can deprive ourselves of it This book explores a rich, personal spirituality, made relevant to the reader through the insights of modern theology and psychology I borrowed this book from a friend and half way through reading it I knew I had to have my own copy.While reading the first part I felt a calmness a sense that during my life I d got many things right.Later I became very excited wanted to share what I was learning with everyone I knew.I found parts of it very challenging which surprised me.After I finished reading it I began reading certain parts again.Not only have I reccommended it to many friends I havebought copies to give to my dearest friends.It s a long time since a book has had such a profound impacton me i m really interested in attending seminars to hear theauthor Jim McManus speak on the topic of this book and manyother topics.I sincerely hope my review encourages people to read thisbook and they get as much inspiration from it as I did. Excellent A fantastically clear and concise exploration of how spirituality can make a positive difference in improving ones self esteem. and what Millions around the world should invest in This book really is a sound investment in becoming the persons we were all created to be Jim McManus really understands what it is like for people living with very little sense of self, and low self esteem He writes insightfully about the reasons why this is so, and offers a lucid account of how things can change for those who are seeking help The book includes exercises to help build self esteem, which are useful Most importantly, he looks at where our sense of self comes from and concludes that we are often looking in the wrong places for affirmation and identity. Although the volume might be hard to obtain it is an absolute gem in terms of scholarship of the issue of forgiveness, and a presentation of a spirituality of genuine, scripture faith based selfness The exploration of recent Catholic thinking and secular social science is thorough and revealing of the very nature of what it is to be a whole, healed person The author is a renowned retreat master and spiritual guide with a home base in Perth, Scotland, and a busy schedule of world wide retreats. Wonderful book, gained a great deal from it, easily read and exercises to follow at the end of each chapter would recommed this book