Having suffered from depression for years, this book caught my eye The author is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge and his central thesis is that bodily inflammation is a major cause of depression, so than a chemical imbalance in the brain, which has been the medical consensus for several decades While he provides a range of evidence about links between inflammation and depression, to my mind he does not prove a causal link, cherry picks his supporting evidence, and makes varying contradictory comments about the effectiveness of anti inflammatories in combating depression He seems to have it in big time for Rene Descartes and his dualist philosophy, which he sees as preventing proper holistic consideration of mind and body in the treatment of disease Overall, this was also quite a technical medical read, and I thought was of very little practical help to sufferers from depression. I bought this after suffering from depression for 10 years and in the middle of therapy I found it very easy to read and un derstand and hope that this work continues Anyone suffering from pain and depression low mood should read this. This is a very interesting theory that contributes a great deal to the ongoing research into depression and that I hope will lead to better treatment in the future for the many millions who have this problem In some ways this book is a call to arms to researchers to take up the challenge and further the research but there s also enough in here for a layperson interested in the topic to find it useful I was shocked to find out how little mainstream research has been done into new treatments for depression since the discovery of SSRIs in the 1990s I m particularly interested in the topic of psycholytic therapy but depression and other mental health issues are complex, can involve multiple bodily systems and the understanding we have of the physiology involved the better. As an IBD sufferer myself, I was extremely interested in the content within this book and so much of what I read resonated with my own personal experiences and in some case sought to provide explanation behind them.The book is extremely well written, striking a perfect balance between technical medical detail and readability for the average person.I hope the new thinking on inflammation proves to unlock new treatment options to help all kinds of medical issues. The only book about clinical depression that reflects and explains the whole of my personal experience. I love this book I have an autoimmune disease and was a registered mental health nurse This book is great as it explains the complexities of our immune system in easy to understand ways Finally the links between body, brain and mental health are being made by people like Edward Bull Depression will be the single biggest cause of disability worldwide, in the nextyears But treatment for it has not changed much in the last three decades In the realm of psychiatry, time has apparently stood still until nowIn this game changing book, Professor Edward Bull reveals the breakthrough new science on the link between mental depression and physical inflammation He explains how and why mental disorders can have their roots in the immune system and explores a whole new way of looking at how mind, brain and body all work together in a sometimes misguided effort to help us survive in a hostile world A very good interesting book, it s good for professionals and non professionals, it is a new theory on depression and a must read for anyone suffering with depression This book takes a whole new approach on depression, its causation and treatment Prof Bull makes perfect sense and stays scientific all throughout Much scientific than mental illnesses are treated nowadays, if I do say so myself His approach will become and relevant in curing mental disorders in the future, that s guaranteed.I highly recommend this to anyone not just those who suffer from depression or are confronted otherwise in their lives This book is a game changer regarding diseases in general. Not an easy read for the average person Ive had mental health issues my entire life and am a nurse I found it good but challenging at times.