The history of the Incas fascinates the modern world This groundbreaking book separates fact from fiction, exploring the native peoples of Peru and the Andes, their mythologies and ancient belief systems, and the amazing beauty of Inca art and architecture It opens with the culture and history of its many kingdoms and their mythological rituals and beliefs The second half of the book focuses on the day to day lives of ordinary people and the beautiful art they created, such as ceramics, gold and silverwork, and fabrics This authoritative volume combines overstriking illustrations with lively and engaging text An exploration of the political and social history, art, architecture, mythology and legends of the lost cultures of the Andes An in depth history of the ancient peoples of South America including the Paracas, Chav n, Pukar , Nazca, Moche, Wari, Lambayeque Sip n, Tiwanaku, Chimu and Inca Discusses the sophisticated politics, power and warfare with fascinating insights into the brutal rituals and symbolic complexity Discover the breathtaking developments in Andean art, from the mysterious lines etched in the Nazca desert to the ethereal beauty of the temples erected at Kotosh, La Galgada and Aspero, and manyThis enthralling guide offers a rare insight into the everyday lives of the Inca people using evidence from archaeological excavation and preserved artefacts Overphotographs, paintings, artefacts, maps and artworks bring the ancient cultures of the South America to vivid lifeDr David M Jones studied Anthropology and History at the University of California, Berkeley He obtained a PhD in the Archaeology of the Americas at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London Dr Jones is co author of the Blue Guide Mexico and has written many articles on Mesoamerican and South American art for The Grove Dictionary of Art He is also the co author of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Indian Mythology, and consultant on The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Aztecs and Maya and The Aztec Maya World by Charles Phillips all published by Lorenz Books