The Hot Zone Srie TVAlloCin The Hot Zone est une srie TV de Brian Wayne Peterson et Kelly Souders avec Julianna Margulies Dr Nancy Jaax , Noah Emmerich Lt Col Jerry The Hot Zone National Geographic Inspir du best seller international ponyme du journaliste Richard Preston paru en , The Hot Zone livre le rcit terrifiant de l arrive d Ebola sur le sol amricain Lorsque le virus meurtrier est dcouvert chez des chimpanzs dans un laboratoire scientifique de Reston en , aucun remde connu n existe Nancy Jaax, une hroque vtrinaire de l arme amricaine, collabore avec une quipe secrte du The Hot Zone TV Mini SeriesIMDb Based on the eponymous international bestseller by Richard Preston, The Hot Zone recounts the terrifying true story of the origins of the Ebola The Hot Zone WikipdiaThe Hot Zone la mini srie haletante qui rappelleThe Hot Zone, une srie cre par James V Hart avec Julianna Margulies, Liam Cunningham, Topher Grace Le dimanche partir duseptembre h sur National Geographic The Hot Zone SaisonAlloCin The Hot Zone saisonBande annonce VO La rdac en parle NEWS Sries la TV jeudiseptembreEXCLU The Hot Zone lespremires minutes de la srie choc sur Ebola LesThe Hot Zone, la srie qui remonte aux origines d Ebola The Hot Zone allie prcision et didactisme propres National Geographic une matrise totale du suspense C est ce qui a sduit Liam Cunningham En soi, les tubes essai et les botes de Ptri The Hot Zoneinfos connatre sur cette histoire vraie The Hot Zone est une plonge dans le drame et la propagation d Ebola, une tragdie sanitaire qui continue encore ce jour de dcimer des populations, notamment en Afrique Nous sommes au dbut des annesaux Etats Unis et Ebola est encore inconnu des populations occidentales Le virus fait des ravages en Afrique centrale et fait son entre sur le sol amricain Des chimpanzs de laboratoire Regarder les pisodes de The Hot Zone en streamingThe Hot ZoneK membressaisonpisodes En , le virus Ebola est dcouvert pour la premire fois parmi des primates dans un laboratoire bas Washington, DC The Hot Zone Wikipedia Outbreak Well researched and written account butJust be aware I think this is a very misleading summary Although the summary opens with In March 2014, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was first reported By October 2014, it had become the largest and deadliest occurrence of the disease.Over 4,500 people have died Almost 10,000 cases have been reported, across Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the United States.This is actually a book originally published in 1995 and is NOT about the 2014 or any recent outbreak, but primarily about an outbreak of ebola in monkeys in the United States decades ago which fortunately didn t kill any humans. The author takes us into the world of emerging viruses and somehow manages to make the book read like an engrossing fiction account instead of a dry recording of past events I found myself holding my breath for the people in the book multjple times, hoping that the extremely dangerous viruses being worked with weren t about to cause another catastrophic crash and bleed scenario There is a good level of scientific explanation without it disrupting the story or reading like a textbook The writing is beautifully poetic at times and comes back to a poignant theme often humans, in general, are responsible destruction emerging diseases cause The book is as relevant now with two BILLION people on the planet than when it was written. This is not an up to date account of the global fight against Ebola This is a US focused book published in 1992, and it shows It spends much of its time discussing an outbreak of Reston Virus a close cousin of Ebola, which was discovered during the events of this book not to be harmful to humans in a monkey house in Virginia a fascinating story to be sure, but ultimately a sidebar in the history of the disease.This is a book of two halves, with the first being an intensely readable, if debatably hyperbolised, account of Ebola s discovery and spread This part of the book makes for compelling reading but Preston s taste for melodrama, particularly when describing the disease s symptoms, sometimes gets ahead of medical fact Though Ebola is undoubtedly extremely dangerous and highly lethal, it doesn t actually liquefy your organs, and reading between the lines makes it plain that it is nowhere near as easily spread as The Hot Zone would like us to believe Highly contagious, yes This contagious, no You can t catch it just by sitting next to someone in an airplane, unless you re extremely unlucky More irresponsibly, the book repeatedly promotes an untested, unproven theory it claims is held by one of its subjects that Ebola infection can be transmitted by air This is scaremongering at its finest Thirty years and several Ebola outbreaks later there is still no evidence to back it up, and quite a lot to suggest it s just wrong.The second half of the book misses the opportunity to cover the Virginia outbreak and subsequent discoveries from a range of viewpoints and angles, in favour of a partial and biased account that clearly privileges the military perspective, and skims over the civilian response Here, The Hot Zone devolves into a by the numbers scientific thriller complete with designated goodies and baddies heroic army veterinarians, out there getting their hands dirty for the sake of the American people they swore to protect, are unsubtly set against panicky civilian stooges at ground zero, meddling CDC staffers who will keep insisting that they re the experts on managing Ebola infection in humans, and the muck raking, fearmongering journalists daring to act like reporting on the crisis is somehow in the public interest at the Washington Post If you re starting to think this sounds a lot like Outbreak , go with it.This is not a book that expects a lot of its audience, not even sustained concentration It frequently goes back and restates, sometimes in almost the same words, concepts that it has covered once before, as if it fully expects its reader to have already forgotten them On other occasions it skips ahead, leaving ideas under examined or not examined at all Preston has time to explain and re explain what a Racal suit is, and then completely ignore that explanation in favour of referring to it as a space suit space is also found to repeatedly suggest that Colonel Nancy Jaax has an unsuitable job for a woman because she doesn t pick her daughter up from gym practice her husband s inability to pick up the slack is, of course, never questioned He found none, however, to spend on why an African virus should suddenly have been detected in wild animals from the Phillipines and what that might have implied for world health Nor did he clarify that, when CDC fellow Joe McCormick questioned Army expert Gene Johnson s failure to publish the results of a fruitless expedition into Kitum Cave, this was not a footling bureaucratic objection but a serious breach of scientific methodology, and one which actively hindered research into the origins of Ebola You can t cite a paper that doesn t exist and, in the world of medicine, if it isn t written down it might as well not have happened.I paid 1.99 for this book, which is about what it s worth It s enjoyable for what it is, but what it is is airport fiction in a dustcoat and safety specs, desperately trying to look smart.