Updated to commemorate its th anniversary, this classic resource further explores the effects of grief and sheds new light on how to begin to take effective actions to complete the grieving process and work towards recovery and happinessIncomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happiness Drawing from their own histories as well as from others , the authors illustrate how it is possible to recover from grief and regain energy and spontaneity Based on a proven program, The Grief Recovery Handbook offers grievers the specific actions needed to move beyond loss New material in this edition includes guidance for dealing withLoss of faith Loss of career and financial issues Loss of health Growing up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional homeThe Grief Recovery Handbook is a groundbreaking, classic handbook that everyone should have in their library This book is required for all my classes TheI use this book, theI believe that unresolved grief is the major underlying issue in most peoples lives It is the only work of its kind that I know of that outlines the problem and provides the solutionBernard McGrane, PhD Professor of Sociology, Chapman University