With great clarity anf precision, Dr John Douillard has provided a detailed guidebook to the profound system of Ayurvedic massage, bringing this ancient method of yogic healing into practical focus for everyone to use in its many different forms Dr David FrawleyIt is with open arms that I welcome such a detailed yet comprehensive guide for massage and spa therapists Tara GrodjeskDr Douillard offers a straightforward a very practical guide to implementing traditional Ayurvedic therapies into a spa menu May this work become standard in quality spas throughout the world Melanie SachsFive thousand years old, Ayurvedic massage has been shown to still the mind and body by lowering metabolic rates and inspiring feelings of peace and calm Often administered as a part of a three , five , or seven day program, these treatments are an integral part of deep cleansing, rejuvenation, and life extension Ayurvedic programs called panchakarma or kya kalpa This book by a noted practitioner featuresthanof these treatments, each described in step by step detail and some synchronized with two therapists for up to two hours in length It provides the reader with all the tools necessary to begin Ayurvedic treatments as a part of a spa menu or massage therapy program