Since publication almost ten years ago, The Concise Book of Trigger Points has been translated into overlanguages and become a best seller worldwide This new edition has been completely updated and revamped, sharing current research, evidence, and advanced techniques for manual therapy practitioners, as well as simple self help protocols that the layperson can do at home Containing full colour illustrations, it is a compact reference guide, and explains how to treat chronic pain through trigger points tender, painful nodules that form in muscle fibers and connective tissues So much pain can be relieved quickly and efficiently with simple trigger point therapy The book is designed in an easy reference format to offer useful information about the trigger points relating to the main skeletal muscles, which are central to massage, bodywork, and physical therapy The first six chapters provide a sound background to the physiology of trigger points, and the general methods of treatment Chapterstoare organized by muscle group, with the information about each muscle presented in a uniform style throughout Each two page spread gives detailed anatomical information, referred pain patterns, plus key trigger point information, practitioner protocols, and self help information and drawings

12 thoughts on “The Concise Book of Trigger Points

  1. Denny Denny says:

    This book was amazing for me I have even cleared tinnitus from my right ear, but it is early days and there is the possibility that it may comes back.Meanwhile I would recommend this book, as trigger points are their own secret world, and this book understands them.

  2. Katie Katie says:

    It s a very good book only got it for a week I m a massage therapist I use this book to review my knowledge and explains to my client about the muscle, how to give them a treatment on trigger points and also show them how to exercise for after care It has than what s I expected Highly recommend

  3. Katie S Katie S says:

    An essential textbook for reflexologists bodyworkers either with long term experience or studying undergraduate level well used and great educational tool A must have.

  4. Derek Derek says:

    Informative book great educational read

  5. Glad Glad says:

    This is great book for students or therapies it has most of the body s joints and muscles and their trigger points

  6. Dee Dee says:

    Love this book, very interesting useful, am already incorporating some of the techniques into my massage routines where needed.

  7. Mrs B Mrs B says:

    This was such a great book to use for my level 4 sports massage course, I still use it as a reference point from time to time

  8. dal dal says:

    Working as a holistic therapist this book is a must for anyone who work in this field The book offers valuable information and reference helping to enhance your understanding of trigger points and anatomical jargon which is sometimes hard to understand.i highly recommend this book for to beginners and advanced holistic therapists Great read and knowledge.

  9. Gigi Gigi says:

    Das Buch ist besch digt, nicht stark besch digt, aber spricht nicht den Zustand ein neues Buch.

  10. Client d' Client d' says:

    Cette livre c est compl te , avec des explications sur des point et m ridienne du corps Je l ai pris en anglais pour bien r viser mon anglais.Je recommande

  11. Bhanwarlal Bhanwarlal says:

    It is a good book for all manual therapists Simple exercises mentioned in it are good for sef treatment.

  12. Cris Compton Cris Compton says:

    As a massage therapist this book has assisted me in giving therapy to my clients, and has given not only pain relief, but Progressive pain relief I ve had clients that have been in pain for 20 years tell me if they feel 80% better after the first treatments of their trigger points What a blessing