He teaches readers and students not only the techniques of hypnosis, but how to perform those techniques with empathy, intuition, and sensitivity to client needs Judith Pearson, licensed psychotherapist, writer, hypnotherapist and NLP TrainerThe Grand Master of Hypnotherapy, the late Charles Tebbetts, was a master teacher of hypnosis and hypnotherapy Tebbetts training has formed the basis of a large number of hypnotherapy courses taught in America and Europe Roy Hunter, expert in the field of hypnosis, has based this book on the first part of Tebbetts hypnosis training, Mastering Basic Techniques Chapters include Hypnosis What is it and why use it Hypnosis yesterday and today Inductions and awakening Deepening the hypnotic state Testing during hypnosis Ethics and potential dangers Self hypnosis for stress coping Concepts about the subconscious Easy to read and understand, even for the novice, the book starts with the fundamentals of hypnosis, introduces the reader to the many facets of hypnotic technique and also provides in depth and practical information on achieving maximum results in a hypnotic session Few books on the subject of hypnosis cover such a wide spectrum of topics on the fundamentals of hypnotherapy It is informative, enlightening, practical and constructive Every hypnotherapist s personal library should include a copy Conrad Adams, PhD Founder Academic Dean, Alpha University Previously published with ISBN