Being a book promoted widely on twitter I made the mistake thinking that some basic editing had taken place This book is full of spelling and grammatical errors It also has no flow, it is simply a ramble of anecdotes that seem to be from various points in time but set out as if they on one particular day in some cases I m sure it is a story that needs to be told but please can someone help the author out with some proof reading, layout tips and a good edit The mistakes in this book were terrible, repition of words, terrible grammar It cannot possibly have been proof read. Brilliant writing Really enjoyed this book Great detail and could relate. I felt the book was a very honest and open account of how wonderful Nursing is, but also how emotionally draining it can be. After I finished my nurse training I worked as a travelling actor In America for a year When I returned to Yorkshire a year later, I commenced my first year as a newly qualified nurse In my first year as a nurse, I rotated through different clinical areas, ranging from a busy stroke ward to the accident and emergency service, to a nursing telephone service Throughout my first year as a nurse, I faced many challenges from coping with short staffing levels, supervising staff, and trying to remain positive in a stressful environment I had to make the ultimate decision to continue as a nurse or return to my successful career as an actorThroughout the challenging year, I was still coming to terms with the death of my twin brother Micheal, but an envelope he left me to open for my twenty eighth birthday, would change my life forever This book is really awful.