In the pastyears, thannew germs affecting humans have emerged onto the medical scene, most of them rising from animals New diseases like the avian flu, Ebola, SARS, and weaponized viruses such as anthrax and smallpox pose a growing danger to the world With the threat of infectious diseases remaining constant, it is essential to have clear and concise information on this topic The A to Z of Infectious Diseases provides thanup to date entries covering the latest research, new treatments and vaccines, and rising diseases such as mad cow disease Appendixes include drugs used to treat infectious diseases, tips for home disinfection, and lists of helpful organizations and publications, making this the ultimate resource for knowledge about infectious diseases Topics include Animals and infectious diseases, Food safety and natural disasters, Influenza, Lung and respiratory infections, Neonatal infections, Parasitic infections, Stomach and intestinal infections, Terrorist related infectious diseases, Treatments and diagnosis, and, Vaccines and immunizations Book is sleek and full of info, just as expected Great book of information on the subject matter at hand This is the bible of diseases as of right now. A must have for every library.