Physicians in specialized fields provide up to date information on symptoms and diseases of all kinds

5 thoughts on “Symptoms: The Complete Home Medical Encyclopedia

  1. kermit kermit says:

    This version in hardback format is a far superior version to our ancient and dilapidated version.It is proving invaluable and is easily understandable.

  2. Richard Rawlings Richard Rawlings says:

    To replace a favoured book that had pages missing, very useful medical book, good for looking up symptoms that you suffer.

  3. andrewhill andrewhill says:

    The book came in very good condition and was very pleased with the literature within the book and I will receive great value for money on this subject Thank you.

  4. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I really like this book It arrived quickly and in good shape, I am very please with my purchase It s not easy finding such great information it s a great addition to my library I might buy again for gifts.

  5. J. Pepoon J. Pepoon says:

    Bought for a friend good, informative book that might just help you find out what is going on and is much cheaper than an office visit unless you have an HMO.