This is a brilliant book and an excellent primer for the trainee person centred counsellor It includes commentary, exercises and examples of key topics including Roger s six necessary conditions and the seven stage client process Highly recommended This bestselling classic has guided thousands of students and practitioners step by step through the skills and theory of the person centred approach Fully updated, this Third Edition includes numerous new exercises and case studies, a thoroughly revised chapter on recent debates and developments, as well as two important new chapters on Politics, Prejudice, Power and Privilege Client Perception It remains an essential introduction for those beginning their training as well as experienced practitioners keen to expand their range Ok apart for some cultural marxist musings which was a big disappoint why bring politics into a book like this Good reading helpful if you doing course level 4 EXCELLENT BOOKEXCELLENT SUPPLIEREXCELLENT DELIVERYTHANKYOU MUCH APPRECIATEDSTAY SAFE EVERYONETAKE CARE A great help. Good quality and price as expected