The new edition of this highly acclaimed step by step guide continues to offer readers with the relevant physiology, evidence base and rationale for the key midwifery skills Authored by experienced practitioners and educationalists, Skills for Midwifery Practice e will be ideal for all midwifery students, both from within the UK and worldwide Presents overessential midwifery procedures in an easy to read, quick reference formatLearning Objectives and end of chapter self assessment exercises allow readers to monitor their progress Refers to the latest evidence and research, including current national and international guidelines Explains the underlying physiology associated with pregnancy and childbirth Overartworks help explain physiological processes and clinical proceduresRoles and Responsibilities boxes define the nature and extent of current practice Ideal for use as a basis for teaching and assessment New format now with colour makes learning even easier Explores the use and significance of the Modified Early Obstetric Warning Scoring Chart Discusses advances in equipment usage including the application of sequential compression devices, temporal artery thermometers, and pulse oximetry in the early detection of critical congenital heart disease Contains advances in microbiology and infection control including the application and removal of gloves and the use of ANTT for each relevant procedure Physiology updates include an expanded section on normal and abnormal breathing patterns, the structure of the stratum corneum at birth and the factors that affect its barrier function, and neonatal reflexes present at birth Updated information regarding the use of the automated external defibrillator during maternal resuscitation, and the use of blended air and oxygen and pulse oximetry during neonatal resuscitation Care of the traumatised perineum including expanded discussion of modern suture materials Recognition and management of complications associated with infusion therapy and epidural analgesia

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