Bible meditations based on Scripture verses and teaching nuggets from John Stott, with commentary and prayers from Christopher Wright Accessible and bite sized, fresh and exciting, each meditation deepens our appreciation of the timeless spiritual truths of Advent and Christmas Introduction The God who comes and comes and comes again WeekThe God who comes in Scripture s storyGod comes rejoicing in creationGod comes questioning sinnersGod comes promising a mealGod comes bringing life and lightGod comes sending light to the nationsGod comes to put things rightGod comes bringing a whole new world WeekThe God who came in personMy rock and my salvationGod comes to the rescueGod comes to speakGod comes for a mealGod comes to stayGod comes to forgiveGod comes to lead the way WeekThe God who came as promisedThe One who came to do God s willThe promise of God s returnThe promise of a ruler from BethlehemThe promised herald of salvationThe promise of a transformed worldThe promised light for the nationsThe promised sin bearing Servant WeekThe God who will come in GloryCreation rejoicesCreation renewedCreation redeemedImmanuel God with us