Finding Peace in Life s Storms Derek Prince presents a treasury of Scriptures that have brought powerful results You, too, can experience dynamic changes in your walk with the Lord In these pages, discover how you canProsperLive a full lifeReceive healingFind perfect restReign with ChristRenew your strengthExperience God s favorOvercome Satan s powerAbide in God s protectionLearn how to use the Bible as the authority over trials and temptations With these guidelines, you will have victory in your life because God always keeps His promises.

8 thoughts on “Prayers & Proclamations

  1. pilgrim0795 pilgrim0795 says:

    Derek Prince describes from Scripture, the unlimited, God given potential of the power of proclaiming God s word, whether corporately or individually whether personal, regional, national or even international Every believer, says the author, in the opening chapter of his book, has both the privilege and the responsibility to proclaim God s Word p9 In this clearly explained and readable biblical guide, supported by scripture and testimony, the believer is encouraged to appropriate the promises of God in a range of situations such as Overcoming Negative Thinking Chapter 10 or Proclaiming in National and International Affairs Chapter 13.The book is divided into two parts In fourteen short chapters, part 1 Proclaiming God s Word explains the spiritual significance of declaring God s Word The second part, Proclamations Chapters 15 31 again short chapters , offers a wonderful fund of scriptures for praying and proclaiming These are grouped under ten headings such as Righteousness and Holiness , Guidance, Protection and Preservation , Mental and Emotional Stability and Serving God Derek Prince rightly emphasises by the way, the importance of being Holy Spirit led as opposed to merely repeating verses from the Bible Indeed, this has inspired me to put together my own Scriptures to declare aloud for personal devotion and for a variety of situations This book has been a source of inspiration for my prayer life.While in some cases I have a different perspective, for instance the subject of healing being in the atonement, I nevertheless recommend this book as a valuable, inspiring and God breathed resource for any time of prayer, praise and supplication.

  2. Stevie J Stevie J says:

    I use this most days and it s always in my work bag Good for quick reference to various scriptures and proclamations Love it.

  3. James James says:

    I can t praise this book enough, I read one prayer from this book and felt good straight away, I have problems saying prayers sometimes but I m sure this will help me along the way, very good ,easy to read and understand, it gets a thumbs up and 5 stars from me.

  4. Kate Keller Kate Keller says:

    Derek Prince is one of the anointed writers of Christian classics This book is easy to read, succinct, and equips Christians with the tools to achieve powerful prayer experiences with God It delivers on it s promise and is an excellent resource for novice and mature Christians alike.

  5. Lenore Howells Lenore Howells says:

    As a Christian, I found this book to be a treasure Knowing God s promises strengthens , but proclaiming and standing on these promises is powerful This book has encouraged me greatly.

  6. Elle Elle says:

    Very interesting to be taught by Derek Prince and how he prays Great teaching and learnt a lot.

  7. LindyLou LindyLou says:

    Marvellous book written by Derek Prince who in my opinion is one of the best bible teachers of our time

  8. Dave M Dave M says:

    Great little book, first part is intro teaching on power of Gods word proclaiming it etc Second part is categorised scriptures for proclaiming praying