Really comprehensive and a great read I m planning for a major event with potential unlikely casualties due to weather and this is one of the few books to cover extreme weather. the perfect addition to an expedition medical kit or a weekend covers all eventualities from gun shot wounds to burns and hypothermia. This pocket size book is an invaluable source of information for those who travel away from cities I ve been a first aider since 1974 but certificate now lapsed Refreshing knowledge is important I have one such journey coming up and with the book and a very comprehensive medical kit, I feel reassured. A very helpful addition to my first aid collection, it will be helpful when I am involved with outdoor first aid courses Written by renowned experts Jim Duff and Peter Gormly, this guidebook describes basic first aid techniques for those travelling in wilderness areas Deals with fundamentals such as preparation, prevention, first aid kits and the use of medications and painkillers and provides details on how to deal with a variety of accidents and illnesses Venturing into remote areas involves a degree of risk Minimizing these risks, while feeling confident in your ability to deal with any potential injury or illness, is part of the challenge and satisfaction of wilderness travel This book is divided intoparts PartTHE FUNDAMENTALS preparation, prevention, first aid kits and the use of medications and painkillers PartACCIDENT AND ILLNESS PROCEDURE how to deal with any accident and illness, including emergency treatment for life threatening situations PartPROBLEMS AND THEIR TREATMENT specific accidents and illnesses The authors wilderness experience was gained as mountaineers in Scotland, Norway, the European Alps, New Zealand, the Himalayas and Antarctica Not the best book you can find regarding first aid, but providing its small size it is very useful to curry it with you and use it in case of emergency. Good little book. grate I am doing normal first aid but this is grate as it tell you what to do when there are no ambulances around R dig en anglais, le livre traite de fa on claire de diff rentes probl me de sant qui peuvent advenir d s lors qu on est loin plus d une heure ou deux de ressources m dicales.Le livre est dense et apporte des r ponses tr s utiles y compris en termes de m dicaments.Son format lui permet d tre gliss dans tout sac de voyage.mais il est bien s r indispensable que cette sorte de livre soit lu et relu AVANT de telles ventualit s