This is a companion self study aid to Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations for practising calculations similar to those that may be presented in pharmacy examinations and in practice Each section contains a variety of exercises which give the opportunity to practise calculations using the methods covered in Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations

8 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook

  1. Ryan Khademi Ryan Khademi says:

    I am currently using this book to practice calculations for my registration exam, the book is useful and has certainly helped me If you work your way through this book you will feel much confident with calculations But this book is not perfect because there are quite a few errors, I have spotted a few in each chapter I have worked through, these can range from giving you the wrong answer for example the question asks for how many mmol the patient receives in a day, but then the answer is given for the week The questions could be clearly written and state how many decimal places to answer to I found the chapter on pharmaceutical chemistry confusing because they round up the molecular weights used in questions but don t give you this information This book was written 10 years ago and has not been updated since despite the errors and inconsistencies Get your act together Pharmaceutical Press.

  2. Faran Ahmad Faran Ahmad says:

    Great value for money

  3. 1124star 1124star says:

    This has been really useful for me to keep up to scratch on my calculations I like the blank pages so you can easily jot down working The answers are easy to find and it is set out in a logical order so I have no difficulty finding the page topic.Ever so useful for my studies and very handy.

  4. Debbie Debbie says:


  5. Shay B. Shay B. says:

    yip great prep

  6. KLThom KLThom says:

    Incredibly useful especially if you re needing a step by step process of the basics or pharmaceutical calculations

  7. RO RO says:

    Very good book I study pharmacy and this has been the perfect aid to my studies Highly recommend

  8. Aisha99 Aisha99 says:

    I bought this workbook to help with improving my calculations for the Pre registration Pharmacy exam It was possibly the best buy I made for exam revision This book along with the Lloyd s Pharmaceutical Calculations book really helped me to get to grips with my calculations Calculations and I do not mix well but with these books I really managed to get my head around them With calculations practice definitely makes perfect Just do loads of examples and you should pass your exam too I passed first time around and it was down to this study aid Definitely worth the money.