Returning for a third edition, Oxford Assess and Progress Situational Judgement Test SJT is THE definitive guide for students preparing to sit the Situational Judgement Test for entry into the UK Foundation Programme This authoritative book, mapped to the Foundation Programme curriculum and GMC guidance, includes overpractice questions to help you maximize your SJT score Fully revised and updated, this third edition provides overquestions and high quality feedback that has been developed to clarify the ranking of every answer option, not just the correct one All scenarios are based on real experiences informed by practising doctors and medical students who have sat the SJT to ensure that the questions closely mirror the content of the real exam Two mock tests allow candidates to prepare for exam day and practice their timings one of the biggest challenges in the exam Written by consultants, this authoritative guide demystifies the SJT, allowing you to achieve the best possible score and take control of the first stage of your medical career

8 thoughts on “Oxford Assess and Progress: Situational Judgement Test

  1. Alex Alex says:

    The rational offered in the book is different from the SJT website, so just don t bother with it But to be fair to the authors, they did a good job in explaining the test, but sadly their rationals are not in line with the SJT website.

  2. Sorina Sorina says:

    Good book to prepare for SJT, lots of questions and thoroughly explained rationales, which are up to date with latest guidelines However, some rationales do not correlate with the ones on the SJT practice papers from the UKFPO Overall, found it very useful along with the official materials, so truly recommend

  3. Kay S. Kay S. says:

    The book is useful for getting to grasps with the concepts which you will need to take into consideration when faced with an SJT question Unfortunately, that is the only credit I can give it The book s main limitation are poorly phrased options which do not make each course of action clear, making it frustratingly difficult to even formulate an answer If you re relatively comfortable with what the SJT entails and is testing, you may be doing yourself a disservice tearing your hair out at this book rather than sticking to coherent sources of SJT revision such as the official past papers or passmedicine.

  4. AP AP says:

    This book seems to be quite good at replicating similar SJT scenarios to those seen in the official papers online However, there are a number of questions in here that are very debatable in terms of the answers prioritised I haven t sat the SJT yet but this book has eased some of my nerves at least.

  5. Nadia Youssef Nadia Youssef says:

    This book is not helpful.Don t waste money on this book or any other SJT book Revise from the SJT practice papers on the GMC site.

  6. Kilkelly Kilkelly says:

    If you really need another source of questions, this book is better than the random mix you get on Passmed But it s definitely not the same as the actual practise papers Just stick to those and don t waste your time

  7. Charlie Charlie says:

    The person I got this for worked through it all but said the SJT is not something you can revise for Didn t help results.

  8. vin vin says:

    The questions aren t anything like the questions in the past papers, and end up testing clinical knowledge a lot than the real exam does Very disappointed.