A dictionary is the best book anyone can read without tiring for a second Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary offers muchthan just the meanings of words With its pictorial representations (wherever possible) and numerous examples for each word/phrase/idiom, it provides a thorough understanding of the word in the most easy manner It also contains various word games which provide an efficient manner for memorizing the words Also, it contains the diphthongs and monothongs which help the reader in pronunciation of the word.A must have in everyone's book collections I say When I was young I used to keep this book at the top of all the other books simply because I loved to read it And oh boy I read it a lot!! :D With the passing of time, other books have made way up However, The Oxford Dictionary remains the most frequently read book by me :D (The result of which is that my copy has gone all tattered :P )Hey if you use any other dictionary chuck it! and get yourself The Oxford Dictionary :D Great use of words but lacking in plot. Like no other english english dictionaries! It contains the whole english words also it teaches you how to put the word in its suitable location in sentences One of the best dictionaries I've ever used Big, fat with large number of words, maps and pictures Great. I have a dictionary in every drawer in reach And a thesaurus (but I didn't want to come off as TOO dorky!!) nothing's better than a good word :) Hornby, A.S (ed.) (2010) Oxford advanced learner's dictionary (8th ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press.Citation created by: Tom ShawCall Number: PE1628.O86 2010Description: Developed by leading scholars of the English language, this dictionary is a valuable resource for word definition and usage.Content/Scope: Word definitions are detailed in multicolored arrangements for easier access to entries Atthan 1700 pages, most words in the English language are contained herein including idioms, phrasal verbs, and proper usage.Accuracy/Authority: This book has received mostly positive reviews by reputable review sources.Arrangement/Presentation: Entries are arranged alphabetically for easy access and reference.Timeliness/Permanence: This reference book was published in 2010, so its content and relevance will change little in the future New hard copy editions become available regularly and updates will be necessary Cost: $30.75Rational for Selection: This dictionary is very appropriate for high school students, as not only a reference resource, but also for expansion of vocabulary. A new, completely rewritten edition of the leading dictionary for learners of English Now fully up to date, including many terms connected with the Internet and electronic communication , words and meanings are new to this edition Excellent coverage of both British and American English, and colloquial as well as formal English All information is authenticated by the British National Corpus and the Corpus of American English There are explanations of common symbols eg @, which are not included in any major competitor, and notes on interesting word origins Easy to use, with a rapidaccess page design, shortcuts to the right meaning in long entries, and easy definitions using a carefully chosen defining vocabulary of , words Numerous illustrations, includingpages in full colour, show vocabulary items in related groups,illustrated topic pages provide essential vocabulary, and show how to use it, and vocabulary notes show students how to improve and enrich their writing One of the few books I never read to the end, but still a musthave. Love itLove d it very easy and understandable all should go for this dictionary ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Useless on my iPad There is no introduction or explanation of how this dictionary works I have yet to figure out how to even look up a word I will be seeking a refund and return the book