YOU DON T HAVE TO STRUGGLE WITH ANXIETY WHETHER YOU DEVELOPED IT RECENTLY, OR YOU VE BEEN LIVING WITH IT FOR YEARS, YOUR ANXIETY CAN BE TREATED Expert psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr Tim Cantopher has helped hundreds of people just like you, and in Overcoming Anxiety Without Fighting It, he gives you tried and proven strategies for escaping the fear that stalks you Discover a series of simple, manageable lifestyle skills and strategies that will make an immediate difference to your life, as well as practical suggestions for longer term changes, including advice on how, when, and what sort of professional help to seek At the heart of this warm, supportive and expert book are the author s decades of experience with people just like you, and with this experience comes a message of hope, and reassurance Stick with the changes you are going to make, and seek the support you need, and your life will no longer be dominated by fear I m speaking to you now if you are going to gain the relief from your symptoms which I hope for you, you ll need to promise me and yourself one thing from the start that you ll try your hardest not to judge yourself and how well or badly you redoing at getting better Dr Tim Cantopher

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