The fast and easy way to pass the Nursing Calculations test Is the maths behind the medicine making you maudlin over taking your Nursing Calculations test You ve come to the right place Written by a nurse with countless hours of experience and who trains other nurses every day this plain English, no nonsense guide to nursing calculations and IV therapy makes it easier to come to grips with the numbers and formulas you ll encounter on the day of the exam and in the field Many students and practising nurses struggle with mathematics Luckily, this friendly guide is here to take the intimidation out of the subject, arming you with the knowledge and know how you need to take the exam with confidence and to achieve the best score possible From fractions, percentages, and proportions to pills, fluids, and prescriptions, Nursing Calculations IV Therapy For Dummies UK edition offers detailed advice and instruction on everything you need to know to pass the exam with flying colours Hundreds of practise questions help you learn and revise Clear explanations and lack of jargon make learning easy Observation charts and extra content are available for download upon purchase Combines nursing calculations and IV therapy to offer excellent value Whether you re a student revising for the Nursing Calculations test, a newly qualified nurse looking to brush up on your maths skills, or a member of a medical staff who s been asked to take on nursing duties, this friendly and accessible guide makes maths less menacing

15 thoughts on “Nursing Calculations and IV Therapy For Dummies - UK

  1. claire davies claire davies says:

    As advertised

  2. Tonya Miles Tonya Miles says:

    Helpful for revision and a reminder.

  3. Shelly Shelly says:

    Excellent would highly recommend

  4. steph steph says:

    Excellent refresher book explained well

  5. m m says:

    Does what it says on the cover

  6. michelle michelle says:

    Good book good info arrived quickly

  7. elizabeth parker elizabeth parker says:

    Dipped in.Looks good but need the time to really read it.

  8. juliet cole juliet cole says:

    Use as a reminder

  9. susan l. johnson susan l. johnson says:

    Book was not advanced enough for me Returned it

  10. troid troid says:

    This is a great refresher love it Thank you I used it a lot during nursing school

  11. Tre Tre Tre Tre says:

    I think this book has information that i did t need,but i like the dosage practice question in the back of the book with the answers The problems are broken down were you can understand and there is no confusion.

  12. LaWanda LaWanda says:

    Great to have very helpful

  13. babystudent babystudent says:

    Do not have the calculations that I needed had too much other information to read would not purchase in this series again

  14. Sonya Flores Sonya Flores says:

    Received in great time Brand new