Some great information on these cards, just what I need for starting my 1st nursing post. This is a great little book spiral bound for student nurses to keep in their pockets, there are several books like this and this one focuses on Drugs in Use ideally for when on placements and the text is easy to read There is a simple re cap on how drugs work, reference to drugs on use in wards, common abbreviations and sites of drug administration among other things, a perfect handy guide The plastic coated cover also means it is easy to keep the little book clean I m not sure how much use I ll get out of this book during my training but it was def worth buying to read, even if I don t look at it again.It gives a good over view of the common drugs you ll come across and what they are used to treat. Good pocket book for all nurses. I love this, it is basic enough to get an understanding of some of the most common medications Perfect little pocket size and wipe clean to. You can carry it around in your pocket, easy to read Just perfect very small book as said in other reviews, but also very useful There is a lot of good information fitted into such a small book, will be very good to keep on you for drug rounds. Understanding how drugs work is made simple in this easy to use pocket sized guide Drugs in common use are described under each body system and will form an aid to your confident administration of drugs to fit your patients needsThe Nursing Health Survival Guides have evolved take a look at our our app for iPhone and iPad