The No Sunday Times best seller Are you ready to change your life Are you sick of always wearing black and getting undressed in the dark Are you fixated with a number on the scales Are you afraid to step into the gym and commit to a routine Is your confidence at an all time low Is all of this having a negative impact on your life, relationships and happiness James Smith is armed with every tool you ll ever need to achieve incredible results from dieting, training and staying in shape to identifying the fads, cons and nonsense that get int he way of genuine lasting progress Learn to reset your current mindset and attitude towards your diet and training, with chapters covering Fat loss versus muscle gain Metabolism and body types Protein targets and calorie tracking Common fitness fallacies Female fat loss Supplements Training versus exercising The importance of sleep Forming habits This audiobook will put you back in control It is not a fad diet or a short term training plan It will empower you to adopt better habits that will allow you to take charge of your life

5 thoughts on “Not a Diet Book: Take Control. Gain Confidence. Change Your Life. (Audio Download): James Smith, James Smith, HarperCollins: Audible Audiobooks

  1. MR D. MR D. says:

    l ll start by saying I find James Smith equal parts funny and annoying mostly from his social media posts , and I ll happily admit that I bought this book to see whether the hype was worth it And like my opinion of James, it kinda is and it kinda isn t It s a good source of basic easily to digest fitness information that in very simple terms tries to dispel the pseudo science and blatant marketeering tactics of the fitness industry But it s all a bit Emperors New Clothes it s not groundbreaking and there s certainly nothing I didn t know, or you couldn t find out easily enough for free It s good in that it s all in one place with references, and as he states you can dive in deeper in your own time so fair enough My main issue is that James makes a point about PTs giving their clients the exact same workouts that they do themselves PTs who do crossfit will have their clients doing crossfit etc Well this book is kinda like that So in essence the advice is Calorie deficit, rid you life of the job partner you no longer like, get some sun, maybe fight someone, live with your parents if you have to and sleep And this is all pretty much how the BJJ loving and single Mr Smith who s now in sunny Australia has chosen to live his life That can t work for everyone, particularly if you have challenging and full lives with responsibilities and a family It s an overly simplistic approach that has worked for James, so well done to him I m not a hater, and the info is good sound and some will like it for exactly what it is I do too But it s basic and besides giving the information that may help some people learn, it can t help with the how and probably won t change many lives as claimed but there s lots of plugs for his online fitness academy if you fancy it Oh, It s also wrapped up in a giant picture of himself, obviously.

  2. Portabubblejoan Portabubblejoan says:

    Love James no nonsense approach to fitness Proper advice from years of working in the industry and calling out all the B S Straight talking advice, which can be backed up by the science Get fitter and healthier physically and mentally You won t have to live on kale and ice cubes, it s realistic, you can still enjoy a slice of pizza If you haven t already check out his YouTube and his online james smith academy Warning not for snowflakes

  3. Kylie Woods Kylie Woods says:

    If you read any book in 2020, make sure it s this one It is a total game changer James Smith succeeds in writing a book in language that you and I can understand without needing to go and Google every 5 mins This will spin your life on its head and give you a whole new perspective on gaining not only the fitness you want, but the life you want.James Smith isn t just a PT He s a life coach So don t bother with any other reviews, just buy it I can guarantee that you won t want to put it down until you are finished

  4. Customer Customer says:

    James Smith has completely changed my life, I struggled with self confidence and fitness for a long time until I came across James He tells it how it is and most importantly teaches you about fitness the real way, not what you see on on instagram This book is amazing and as is he.Thank you James, your a legend

  5. Hayley griffin Hayley griffin says:

    This is definitely not a diet book Having been a long time follower of James and his JSA, I can categorically say this book is everything and than what I expected Couldn t put it down and I only got it this morning