This book is one of many translations that are currently being made for English language readers on the 15th century writings of Nicholas of Cusa New translations of Cusanus writings began to appear in the late 1970s by Jasper Hopkins of the University of Minnesota Free copies of some of Hopkins translations are available on the Internet at Today, translations of these 15th century writings are also being made by the American Cusanus Society The author of this book is past president of this society.The writings of Nicholas of Cusa are significant because his writings, on God and our world, initiated the modern world in which we live today To me, his writings are the most important religious writings to be found on today His writing will help people transform the out dated ancient views of God and our world they have been taught into modern views supported by modern science Without this transformation, a person becomes conservative with a closed mind and will not understand the natural changes that are taking place among liberal and open minded people.This book is a necessary addition to any home or public library It is necessary by any person who is working on the unification of science and theology And, it is necessary for any person who believes that a pure spiritual modern world is possible beyond the materialistic driven spiritual modern world in which we live today today. Excellent service Highly recommend. Purchased this to add to my Classics of Western Spirituality collection When I get around to reading it, probably years from now, I ll probably review it then. For the first time in one volume in English are the spiritual writings of this outstanding intellectual figure whose work anticipated modern problems of ecumenicity and pluralism, empowerment and reconciliation, and tolerance and individuality