From Catholic schoolgirl to punk rocker to emergent church planter, Angela Doll Carlson traveled a spiritual path that in many ways mirrors that of a whole generation She takes us with her on a deep and revealing exploration of the forces that drove her toward Orthodoxy and the challenges that long kept her from fully entering in Only a strong, resilient and humble woman could write such an inspired book, baring her fears and past hurts in a relatable, truthful autobiographical account that so many of us recovering rebel teens can relate to I would recommend this book to those who have an interest in Orthodox Christianity, but also the sacramental life generally, as well as women forging ahead in finding themselves in a traditional religious practice Beautifully written and wholly recommended. Great story and very well written I loved reading it because her writing style was very poetic and lovely The only part I take issue with is that she went on this very difficult spiritual journey ALONE She had so many opportunities and available options to meet people in the church but no, she came to Liturgy late, sat in the back, and was the first one out the door She never stayed for the coffee afterwards, never took that extra effort to meet anyone except a few priests When she experienced a roadblock, she would stress out until it escalated to talking to someone about it but never anyone local, always someone she barely knows several states away by email I have social anxiety issues myself so I understand where she comes from, however, it only took me 3 Liturgies before I took a deep breath and forced myself to stay after and meet people I m so glad I did because without these other people also on the same journey I would have taken just as long as Angela did, or perhaps never Angela also experienced a lot of moral issues with the church and the traditions such as no women priests and women should wear skirts, but if she actually met people and got to know the church by it s members, then she would understand why it is this way I personally don t care about those things myself but I met people in my church that do and there are a lot of them A priest isn t necessarily always going to have the answers she need to justify becoming Orthodox, she needed to find out how these other women dealt with it But anyhow, that s my 2 cents It s a great read regardless This is Angela Doll Carlson s autobiographical account of growing up Catholic on the west side of Cincinnati, losing her faith as she grew up and moved to Chicago, sampling other forms of Christianity, and finally, after a long and painful struggle, deciding to be received into the Eastern Orthodox Church Her book is beautifully written and should be very helpful to younger women who are seeking a meaningful faith, but aren t willing to settle for the merely trendy Carlson needed a structured, disciplined faith and in Orthodoxy she found it.I, too, am a woman convert to Orthodoxy but my story is very different What drew me to Orthodoxy was its theological integrity Therefore, as a seeker I would not have found this book particularly helpful So I would suggest that this book does an outstanding job of presenting Orthodox spiritual practice from the view of a contemporary seeker, but does not have much to say about the theology.Therefore, I would recommend it to seekers who want a well laid out spiritual practice, but those whose interests are largely theological should look for other books.there are many of them out there.