Really good and very helpful This is a large book of poetry with beautiful photographs After each poem the author asks some questions and gives a scripture you can look up to further your study The scriptures that were chosen don t always go along with the poem on the page Some that are chosen seem odd, but it all works together Someone questioning their faith Someone new to their faith a person you know who has faith and writes poetry really might like this book The photographs are my favorite part I can see teenagers liking this if they are into poetry too. Paul Tripp just might be my favorite author This book is unlike any of his other books Yet the theme is the same GRACE.I ve n e e d e d this book this week in particular So many reminders of Grace Grace Grace Each day, I read it before school and couldn t wait to get home to read.I wouldn t say that is he naturally a skilled poet but his ideas here are so raw and relatable I m not a huge fan of poetry that doesn t rhyme He says in the intro, I m not a poet I am a pilgrim Each set of two pages has the poem, a focus verse, a few questions, and longer passages for further study and encouragement I think the cover is ugly but the inside is beautiful It s magazine material.Reading this book was like taking a journey with him through his pain, reaching for grace, but realizing that grace is actually already being on him. It has been said that the Christian life is about pilgrimage, not perfection, and the struggles of maintaining faith are well expressed in this book of poetry and images Paul Tripp does not claim to be a poet he is a seminary professor , but one who has attempted to express himself in this genre Who knew that Presbyterians could write poetry I have to admit, while Tripp does an admirable job, I d like to see some Christian reflections in the style of Billy Collins or Robert Hudson which is likely asking way too much He is clear and often profound Unlike most poetry books, with each one is Bible reference to reinforce the reading and point the reader to a authoritative word from Above The pictures complement the sentiments, and while anyone should find this book encouraging, I think it especially would make an appropriate gift. Although Paul David Tripp might not be a profound poet, his verses speak to those seeking a fresh perspective to study scripture Each poem lesson gives a scriptural reference which you may or may not be able to relate directly to the verse But, it gives you the opportunity to revisit the scripture to determine relatability The questions Pastor Tripp offers throughout the book allow you to ask yourself how you personally relate the scripture to your own personal journey Because, like Pastor Tripp, I am also a pilgrim on a voyage to salvation This book is helping me stay on course As Pastor Tripp has prolifically stated, If your heart wanders outside of God s boundaries, the rest of you will go there before very long Pray for keeping, restraining grace This book offers GRACE Amen. My hope is that this volume will help you to see the Saviorclearly, to understand his gracedeeply, to confess your strugglehonestly, to worship himfully, and to find in these meditations the motivation to continue to follow the Savior even when he s leading you into unexpected and hard places Paul David Tripp Best selling author Paul David Tripp invites you into his personal reflections on his experience of God s ever present grace through the ups and downs of his life He shares his celebrations, disappointments, cries for help, confessions, and confusions in the form of 120 meditations that were written over many years through various joys and struggles Vulnerable yet pastoral and wise, these meditations in the form of verse showcase how God s amazing grace intersects with the mundane, unexpected, messy, and beautiful moments of everyday life.