Beautifully illustrated sections of the human body from various views, labeled clearly for easy reference Illustrations by award winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez

6 thoughts on “Muscular Origins & Insertions (Quickstudy: Academic)

  1. Mel C Mel C says:

    Great guide, helped me no end with my PT Course Im a visual learner so text starts to swim in front of my eyes sometimes This guide was a fab reference, so much so, i ve ordered others to help me continue with my studies refresh my memory from time to time

  2. Gray Gray says:

    Good product for easy access to illustrations that can be used easily and can be gleaned ad laminated and small enough to put in a small bag too for therapists if required

  3. Customer Customer says:

    These are supposed to be for display in my home clinic and they have holes punched in them I also was expecting them to be bigger than A4 Save yourself some money and buy your own laminator to do as many sheets as you want

  4. Customer Customer says:

    This looks really good it s a4 size so ideal for putting in folder

  5. Ali P. Ali P. says:

    Brilliant Small print but is very informative Handy that it s laminated and has holes for a file.

  6. marketing-sales.coAddict marketing-sales.coAddict says:

    It s so small I cant read the writing, totally useless.