The life changing pain relief kit just lie on the balls No pain, all gain Get on the ball Breathe deeply And let the weight of your body do the rest Based on one essential truth you simply cannot help but get results when you reduce muscle tension The Miracle Ball Method uses a carefully created program of un exercise to heal an aching back, stiff neck, TMJ, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, headache, even carpal tunnel syndrome Head to toe, it s a breakthrough program of relief

6 thoughts on “Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress

  1. Portland Bill Portland Bill says:

    Possibly you re looking at this item and wondering if it s just a money making fad or whether it actually does any good If you re searching for something to help with pain you ve probably come across various things all promising the solution I ve done a fair bit of that myself over the past year, having been told by my doctor that I d have to live permanently with chronic pain and rely on painkillers everyday This little kit caught my eye and I ordered it out of curiosity than anything, plus it had lots of positive reviews which made it sound worth a try.Buying this was the best thing I ve done in a while, on a par with stopping smoking in terms of its life changing impact It s definitely not a fad, and it really does work Elaine Petrone knows what she s doing and has developed a carefully thought out, effective way to relieve pain It s so simple You just place the balls underneath your body and relax, let your weight sink to the ground supported by the balls and your body re aligns itself I ve had indescribably horrendous back pain, which prescription strength codeine couldn t even take the edge off, and after using these balls two days in a row the pain has gone entirely I ve had no painkillers for two days, I can bend my back normally again, sit in a chair without wincing, and the most unthinkable thing of all, I actually managed to get on my yoga mat this afternoon and do a few crunches and planks It s been a long time since I could do that It s a simple but beautiful idea, no effort involved, no straining or stretching, all you do is lie on the balls and let your body heal itself with correct alignment.The booklet explains the technique, and how to do each exercise correctly You can work through it all in order if you like, but I did the first one to get the basic technique then skipped ahead to the targeted exercises for what was up with me There s something for everything here, back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain There s even something for stress and depression and, bless her heart, Petrone has several ways of using the balls to get rid of headaches and migraines which I tried when I had the headache from Hades at the weekend, and they work faster and better than popping pills It just seems to melt away pain Once you get the hang of each exercise, which is pretty quickly, you can do them from memory so you can do it whilst listening to the radio or telly or whatever you like, it isn t intrusive into your day like some types of exercise You ll need a pump to keep the balls inflated as lying on them does flatten them quickly, just a basic ball pump is all you need I d strongly recommend this if you re looking for something to help with pain.

  2. Orange Smith Orange Smith says:

    Bought these on my mother s insistence Surprised to find that they do exactly what they are meant to Very useful if you sit all day hunched over a desk or, alternatively, if you spend all summer hiking around with all your belongings in one rucksack and can slowly feel your shoulders starting to give up the ghost I don t know why they work but they do.

  3. Kezzie Kezzie says:

    Having fibromyalgia and using this method has helped It does massage the muscles while practicing relaxation My neck and shoulders were constantly tense I find it undoes the muscle tension and knots a treat.

  4. Ruth Graham Ruth Graham says:

    Well I would say it is a miracle for sure I m a long term, chronic pain sufferer You name it I ve got had it Genuine, bone aching, grinding, miserable pain day in day out Until the discovery of this method.I cannot over emphasise how much of a change it s made Within 2 sessions I was pretty much pain free I do use them lots frequently throughout the day a quick lie on them is enough to re adjust something hurting The feeling is coming back into my arms I can hold things properly again My neck moves again.I have, in the past, paid a faith healer almost 900 to help it was so bad I ve seen acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths and doctors I ve taken tablets, exercised, meditated and taken drugs This is the single most effective wonderful discovery ever I have cancelled my booked surgery and am hopeful I can continue in my current career as a musician Thank you Elaine Petrone

  5. Oculus Oculus says:

    My brother originally purchased one of these for my mother and I decided to get for myself Over the years I have studied qualified in many different systems of healing and I have to say what a wonderful system Elaine has created with The Miracle Ball Method I live a very busy and active life, which includes Wing Chun at senior level, Yoga and an extreme sport, so this wonderful system is a great blessing and so easily accessible Currently I am working through a knee and shoulder injury and I am really impressed with how quickly I have seen results working with this system Plus the system is so effect in managing the stresses and strains of very day life, the best 11.99 I have ever spent

  6. SESTRA SESTRA says:

    Persistence is the key though and a lot of trial and error where positioning is concerned The hardness softness of the balls is very individual, but once you find your sweet spots and breath into them it does seem to relax the muscles It improved the tension between my shoulder blades and neck and also my lower back I found it great for relieving sciatic pain too You ll need a bicycle pump to keep them inflated as daily squashing with your body weight does deflate quickly.