This brand new revision aid has been designed specifically to help medical students memorize essential clinical facts, invaluable throughout medical studies and particularly useful in the pressured run up to final exams Overmaps are organized by body system, with a concluding section of miscellaneous examples The book s format has been designed with the student in mind it is pocket sized and the maps summarize a variety of aspects, including the definition of the disease, causes, investigations, treatments and complications, to aid in recall Ideally suited for students and early postgraduates revising for exams, this convenient and portable distillation of knowledge will aid in memorization and save many hours of note taking

11 thoughts on “Mind Maps for Medical Students

  1. Lana Lana says:

    Excellent resource for revising The mind map format allows you to see a topic at a glance I wouldn t recommend using the book for learning a topic the first time as it lacks certain detail, but great for revising once you have learn a topic.

  2. Ruth Ruth says:

    Great little book Fits Easily in kit bag.Easy to use as a memory jogger on shift.Great revision aid.Easy to read and use.I bought Kindle copy and paperback book.Only problem with Kindle copy is that it splits the pages horizontally and cuts the flow charts in half so have to scroll to see the whole chart.Excellent resource nevertheless.

  3. Malcolm X Malcolm X says:

    Very useful for medical students and junior interns alike Maybe needs a bit expansion For example of tropical diseases, paediatrics etc

  4. Chloe Simpson Chloe Simpson says:

    Brilliant for students with some medical knowledge Bit to advanced for just the home user Very interesting book though useful information pathways to how things are diagnosed and treatment needed.

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    Very useful especially in group work One tip, don t let your group know that you are using this book They will think your mind maps are great.

  6. F Moussavi F Moussavi says:

    This handy little thing is great for when you just want to quickly look at a common condition for a refresher Even better when you add your own little pencil notes to the sides

  7. Adele P. Adele P. says:

    If you find pages and pages of text can be overwhelming try these mind maps they are logical and easy to follow.Bought during the ACP pathway and very helpful.

  8. Matthew Matthew says:

    Mind Maps for Medical Students, is clear and concise needed to pass your final medical exams, and also acts as a guide in hospital placements.

  9. Hanel Hanel says:

    Excellent book for easy reference The layout is landscape which can make convenient reading a challenge without creasing the book but the content is great Very mono tone, little colour, which could be improved.

  10. Cliente Cliente says:

    ho trovato molto utile questo libro per richiamare alla memoria concetti e ricordare i farmaci adoro la capacit di sintesi dei libri di lingua inglese consigliato

  11. Maria Maria says:

    Estos libros son una maravilla para cualquier estudiante de medicina, son compactos y caben en la bata, para llevarlos encima y consultar lo que sea en las pr cticas de la carrera Me he comprado los dos de la misma autora, y creo he acertado