The Miller Keane Encyclopedia Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health is highly regarded for its accuracy, the clinical usefulness of its entries, and its multidisciplinary approach that encompasses current topics across the entire spectrum of health care Trademark features include comprehensive encyclopedic entries, portable size, soft cover, printed thumb tabs, unique Windows essays, and a color A P atlas Organized by major terms with related terms defined as subentries, Miller Keane s organization provides easy access to information on a variety of closely related topics in one location Encyclopedic entries are included for significant topics, such as diseases, disorders, or conditions These encyclopedic entries include the definition along with a concise overview of the most important information related to Symptoms, Treatment, Patient Care, Prevention, etc Miller Keane also includes an extensive list of appendices Dorland s spellchecker software and a companion Evolve website supplement this edition making it a powerful tool to building and using a medical vocabulary for all health professionals