Acomprehensive guide to basically anything that could go wrong, or needs to medically managed whilst in out and about It packs a lot of information into a digestible handbook It is aimed at an above average, medically minded, lay adventurer and as a result is written in plain language Reviewed by Dr Stevan R Bruijns, Senior Lecturer in Emergency Medicine at University of Cape Town Date July This is an essential resource to have on a wilderness adventure as it provides people with minimal formal medical education recommendations for caring for fellow travelers with medical emergencies It packs a significant amount of information into a book that is small enough to take into the wilderness Maria Kristine Goertz, MD Regions Hospital and LevelTrauma Center Dr Paul S Auerbach, FACEP, FAWM, is the Redlich Family Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine He is the world s leading expert on wilderness medicine and a prolific author He is the Editor of Wilderness Medicine, and author of Medicine for the Outdoors and Field Guide to Wilderness MedicineDr Auerbach holds his MD from Duke and completed his internship at Dartmouth and residency at UCLA He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine He has been recognized as a Hero of Emergency Medicine by the American College of Emergency Physicians and received the New Orleans Grand Isle Award for Science from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the Founders Award from the Wilderness Medical Society, and the Outstanding Contribution in Education Award from the American College of Emergency Physicians, among others Dr Auerbach has served as a volunteer physician in Haiti, Nepal, and Guatemala

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