This is a truly lovely book Mechthild writes of her deep spiritual understanding in flowing language She speaks to us across the centuries of her devotion to and love of God.Louise Mechthild of Magdeburg was called to the religious life when she was only 12, proclaiming, No one can burn the truth, after Marguerite Porete was burned with her book She had daily visions which continued until she was 43 In her writing, she used highly erotic language, yet she cursed the body as a hindrance to the soul s spiritual progress towards God One might interpret this intense desire for union with God as a substitute for a human lover, not allowed in this time and place, unless married Yet even married women were known to eschew sex, while favoring an intimate relationship to the divine. To contemplate the goodness of God and His Son Jesus Christ. To be able to read the thoughts of someone from the Middle Ages and to realize the depth of their thinking and spiritual growth is a treasure. Here is the first English translation based on the new critical edition of The Flowing Light of the Godhead, the sole mystical visionary work of Mechthild, a th century cc German Beguine This challenging work of deep religious insight reflects Mechthild s inner life, and God s as well, employing a great variety of traditional medieval literary forms and genres in prose and verse I loved reading this It took a while to finish The words, the poetry was sublime Yea, Mechthild this is a lovingly translated collection of the Mechthild s writings and i have enjoyed reading it it is one of those that will need to read and perused again and again i love the way Mechthild develops the intimacy with the Divine another great medieval treatise on Mysticism and i liked the introduction and the biographical information given as it helped me understand much where Mechthild was coming from to get just a glimpse of her world and the times she lived in and the flowering of mysticism in Germany at the time lends itself well to having a little taste of the ecstasy she experienced. It should be stated at the outset that I find Meister Eckhart to be the mystic writer who interests me most and I was pleased to discover the great influence he received from this great writer.Mechthild of Magdeburg 1207 1282 was among the most profound of mystic writers who presented strongly feminine images of mysticism in exquisite poetry to God.Mechthild had no formal education or training in theology but, being from a noble family, she was exposed to courtly literature In her early 20 s she left her comfortable life for that of a Beguine When she was in her 40 s she decided to write down what she had received Mechtild use the genres that were familiar to her courtly love poetry and prose As a Beguine she was seeking to live the way of the early Church.Although Mechtild maintained a Catholic world view regarding the fate of pagans, the place of Jews and role of the Saints, she also felt compelled to criticise the lack of spiritual hunger and corruption in the Church, and in the world Her writings brought her under suspicion and criticism from the Church.Mechtild revealed the basis for detachment, the concept of the ground of the soul, the idea of the Mother God, the truth regarding transcending sin, the reality of the immanence of God and the importance of visions dream as communications from God These themes where later mined by Meister Eckhart Mechtild of Magdeburg provided Eckhart with the foundation for his spiritual method. Old scripts are very fascinating, this one is no different. great spirituality must reread many times to absorb appreciate MoM writings.