Atpages and referencing overacademic articles, this book is the longest and most thorough resource on mast cell activation syndrome MCAS to date Allergies and anaphylaxis are on the rise, alongside gastrointestinal problems, skin issues, fatigue, orthopedic pain, neurological symptoms, and just about everything in between Patients are coming out of the woodwork with chronic, debilitating, often invisible illness Recent research estimates that % % of the population may have mast cell activation disease Much of the medical community has never heard of the condition, and existing mainstream treatment tends to focus predominantly on pharmacological management However, once a patient has reached a stable baseline, there are a number of other individualized approaches that can guide patients to successfully address the underlying root issues This book includesan in depth overview of mast cell activation disease, with a focus on mast cell activation syndrome MCASa patient story describing life with MCASa detailed literature review and current hypotheses for disease originsa practical guide of clinical considerations for diagnosisa chapter devoted to comorbid conditions, including Ehlers Danlos syndrome, POTS, Lyme disease and much several chapters devoted to mainstream and natural treatment options, dietary considerations, and strategies for holistic healingcontent from dozens of interviews with prominent MCAS experts, including specialists in allergy immunology, hematology, functional medicine, naturopathy, psychology, nutrition, gastroenterology, physical therapy, clinical research, andWhether a patient, medical practitioner, or family member friend, this book empowers readers and provides patients with concrete steps to move forward in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of mast cell activation syndrome