Very informational Great content but very small print Overall as expected, great complement to the kit and nicely fits my first aid kit box for my boat camping and scuba outings. Advice for sailing, pleasure boating, fishing, and diving emergencies More thanillustrations Near shore or out at sea first aid covered As vital a piece of gear as your PFD and signal flaresThis edition features the latest information on marine first aid It includes chapters on hazardous marine life, submersion injury and dive medicine, rescue and evacuation of the sick and injured, wound cleaning and closing, and much The book offers clear directions and pictures It is laid out so that you can flip to exactly the problem you are dealing with and read off the directions on one page instead of having to read a whole chapter when someone aboard is gouting blood everywhere They also offer several different methods for each situation so if you don t have, for example, a SAM splint, you can still splint an injury using what you do have I am glad to have this book on my boat. I love the size and format for this makes it easy to include in a first aid kit or bag. Superb and very complete for a small handy reference, although if you already have considerable training, you keep wanting. This is a fantastic book for offshore sailors It is so great, we have two I always carry one in my kit bag when sailing on other boats. Very informative, I had some emergency medical training and learned a lot from this book that I did not know. A good guide to emergencies, both naval and otherwise, but remember that it is VERY small it is pocket sized, to be easily stored in confined spaces, so don t expect a full sized book with your order Very helpful I used it to help to doctor prescribes all the drugs that were necessary.