A new series set in the golden age of glamAmanda is heartbroken She s tried, but she can t get over her breakup with hotshot writer Harry Gordon If only she could talk to him, she could convince him that their love story is bigger than any screenplay But Amanda isn t the only one in Hollywood keeping a secret Harry s got one too Margo has to pinch herself there s talk of her getting an Oscar nom for her first film role, and she s living with the Dane Forrest, the gorgeous movie star millions including herself swoon over But if the public finds out about their domestic arrangement, her career will be over The studio has a plan to fix it allbut is Margo prepared to pay the price Gabby s drinking is out of control, but who cares She s bored and depressed She needs someone who will treat her like the woman she is beneath the silly stage costumes and pigtails And she s sure unpredictable musician Eddie Sharp is The One But playing with bad boys like Eddie isn t for little girls

10 thoughts on “Love Me (Starstruck, #2)

  1. Lauren Morrill Lauren Morrill says:

    Holy smokes I love this series It s Gossip Girl set in 1930s Hollywood, yet classier and with sass Totally un put downable

  2. VictoriaSong VictoriaSong says:

    Please, please, please Rachel Shukert, please write books in this series Thank you DSincerely,Your newest Starstruck fan _

  3. Richard Kramer Richard Kramer says:

    Full disclosure I AM Rachel Shukert, but when I m not, I read this book, the second in her STARSTRUCK series, and I mean this withouta trace of facetiousness when I say this is to STARSTRUCK what THE GODFATHER 2 was to the GODFATHER, in that the artist Ms Shukert is so secure in the mythology she built in the first work that she can spring from it in the second into something richer, darker, unexpected, which is just what she s done here This is an original installment in an original series that works as a subtle presentation of the development of of certain archetypal ideas about women that Hollywood hatched, nurtured, and misappropriated Shukert has a pitch perfect ear for a time she never lived through, but the book never feels like pastiche, or even pistachios she s poured new wine into a dusty bottle and the result is both sparkling and disturbing Brava, Maazel tov, and Skol.

  4. Katie Katie says:

    This might be a little high, I don t know, but THESE BOOKS I just sink into this world.Like the first one, this made Old Hollywood seem real without getting rid of too much of the glamour that makes the time period so enticing.GIVE ME MORE NOW I do wish there was in the way of female friendship view spoiler It would be cool if Diana wasn t made out to be at least a bit of a villain hide spoiler

  5. Larissa Larissa says:

    This will review will sadly have to be a mini one, as I was so underwhelmed and left with a feeling of indifference by Love Me that I can t write a full length review.the good Like the previous in the series Rachel continues to capture Hollywood s Golden Age quite well The overwhelming control the studios had over their talent is evident and the book portrays this well It digs deep into the darker side and doesn t just focus on the glitz and glam When I was reading this book I truly felt immersed in the time period, which is what a historical novel should do The ending For me the last few chapters were where most of the character development, action and secrets were revealed STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENED I feel like the ending was actually interesting the rest of the Love Me by a long shot The ending is honestly the one part of the book that actually made me somewhat interested in continuing the series.the bad The main characters in this story weren t appealing to me at all They all seemed extremely gullible and made bad decisions over and over Gabby was probably the worst at this I enjoy flawed characters just as much as anybody, however with these characters it was hard to find one redeeming quality about them I found it hard to connect with them or even enjoy the book, as it was told through these daft characters point of view s The main characters each had their own love interests and they were all unappealing to me They all made mistakes, or had personality traits I d definitely not simply look over Dane seemed annoyingly condescending all the time, Harry weak and Eddie was just trouble from the beginning It was quite annoying to me how all of the main characters were head over heels for their love interests all of the time, even when the love interests would say inexcusable things or do something that would normally result in a break up They say love is blind, but in this book it s simply ridiculous I wanted Amanda to get it together and get over Harry as he s basically the reason her whole career is over Nope, instead she purposefully tries to meet him and even gets on a train to New York to attempt to win him back They re some characters in this book like Dexter who know these relationships are toxic and try to prevent them from happening They alert the main characters And what do the main characters do Simply ignore the actually logical person and continue on in playing pretend This book didn t seem to have as much mystery, secrets or action like the previous Those things are what kept me captivated by the previous Without the aforementioned the book focused much on the relationships and therefore didn t hold my interests This combined with the book being quite slow during the beginning didn t bode well It felt like nothing was happening of importance, excluding the ending of the book.Overall, this book didn t leave me with many thoughts and I honestly indifferent of what would happen to the characters in the book I feel like this book could have been just so much better if it wouldn t have focused so much on the romance and if the characters actually grew a smidgen of sense.

  6. Juhina Juhina says:

    Love Me picks up right after Starstruck ended and I was so excited to dive back into this Hollywood 1930s setting I couldn t wait to see where things would go for Margo and especially with her and Dane as well as the two girls that completed this trilogy s multiple POV structure I have to say, I picked up Love Me mainly for Margo but I couldn t help but get invested in Gabby s wellbeing I did have a few issues with this book and that is mainly how I somehow became very nervous whenever Margo s POV appeared I m a sucker for happy endings and I just didn t like the way Margo s story was going Also, a plot twist was revealed in the last book and I assumed it would be a main theme in this one but unfortunately when only catch a whiff of it This got me wondering if there is a third book in this trilogy and I am crossing my fingers for one I honestly can t say anything without writing any spoilers I love the setting, it is very different from what I usually read and I also really enjoyed that Gabby grew out of her childish jealous stage and had some real issues that I could sympathize with As for Amanda I have to say her story went a bit cuckoo. by the end of it I was a bit confused at what the author was writing but I was able to get on board with it This book is 330 pages and I honestly breezed through them If you are looking for a historical fiction YA novel with a bit of hollywood drama, I would seriously suggest picking up this trilogy I can t wait for the third book in this series and for of the secrets and scandals to unravel and for our main protagonists to finally achieve their goals and dreams that they initially aspired for when they entered Hollywood.

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    Love Me , indeed Shukert s newest starts where Starstruck left off, following three young women caught up in the movie industry in the late 30 s The second and hopefully not last book in this addictive series showcases not only the glitter and glamour of the golden age of Hollywood, but the sordid underbelly as well No one did excess as stylishly as the movie stars of yore, and Shukert lovingly describes each indulgence, down to the last gold spangle and designer bugle bead But it s not all fun and games each of the girls finds herself trapped in the studio system and powerless against the powerful people in charge Love Me is not just a book for teens, it s a lush, dramatic novel for anyone who loves Tinseltown

  8. Sherrie Sherrie says:

    Love Me the second book in the Starstruck Series had drama and plot twists than its predecessor In this book the three young women from the first book Margo, Gabby and Amanda are slowly turning into unlikable Hollywood Divas Gone are the wide eyed young women dreaming of having their chance of the big screen and supporting each other as they fight their way to the top In this latest installment it s every woman for herself Even though I didn t have much sympathy for the characters in this book the drama made for interesting reading The ending had several big reveals so I m hoping the next book will be published quickly 4 stars

  9. CiderandRedRot CiderandRedRot says:

    The book where all those characters you rooted for in the first novel slowly become kinda assholes Still readable as hell and with a delightfully assured sense of place period albeit in a Gossip Girl style, which in this instance is no bad thing , but feels like one of a series instead of a contained narrative That said, it was nice to see a bit of the New York method school creeping in around the edges of the Hollywood dream factory More

  10. Jess Jess says:

    Jumping straight into the world made this one so much better to read for me.